Sen. Kyrsten Sinema criticizes Democratic leaders over failure to vote on building budget

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema criticized the leadership of the Democratic Party for failing to justify the House’s “unjustifiable” handling of the multi-billion dollar bill on Friday.

“The failure of the US House to hold a vote on Constitutional Investment and Employment Law cannot be overlooked, and it is very unfortunate for the states in our country,” Sinema (D-Ariz.) Said in a statement on Saturday.

“Keeping Americans millions of well-paying jobs, safe roads, clean water, reliable electricity, and a better Broadband only harms everyday families.”

Cinema joined many of his fellow prosecutors who criticized the move by Democratic leaders to pull the bill down on Friday in order to have more time to negotiate a $ 3,300-a-week settlement with President Joe Biden.

Moderate Democrats and other proponents of public service law were expected to pass more than $ 1 billion on Friday, and then discuss another bill for health, education and climate change in the coming days.

“Congress is designed as a place where American ambassadors with different and different views agree and agree,” Sinema said.

“What the Americans saw in the picture was nothing but a chance to get a chance on a different request.”

Sen. The cinema says the abolition of the vote “undermines the confidence of the American people.”
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Sinema said the Democrats’ move is betraying trust, after the debate is rife with empty promises that could not be fulfilled.

“Communication of good faith, however, requires trust. Earlier this year, Democratic leaders made conflicting promises that could not be fulfilled at all – and, at times, pretended that differences of opinion in our party were non-existent, even though the disagreements were often made public and transparent.

“Deleting the real estate vote further undermines trust. More importantly, it demonstrates the trust placed by the American people on their leaders and denies our country the investment needed to increase economic opportunities. ”

Other moderate critics included the Advocate. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), Who spoke in a speech Friday, members of the Blue Dog Caucus “see this as unhelpful in our convention negotiations and will jeopardize our ability to obtain a permit. he recovered quickly.

In a letter on Friday, Pelosi told Democrats he wanted the building bill passed by the end of October, calling for a 30-day extension to pay the Highway Trust Fund after Democrats failed to reach an agreement.

“Although significant progress has been made in negotiations to amend the House, Senate and White House agreement on the Build Back Better Act, more time is needed to complete this process. Our first priority is to create jobs in the health, family and climate agenda that are shared. Our seats are still working to clarify and agree. Obviously, the Bipartisan Insurance bill will pass once we have a legal reconciliation agreement, “he said in a letter to” Dear Employees “on Friday night.


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