Sen.Blackburn visits the border, saying the crisis ‘could not continue’ as they called for a Biden manager to step up.

MISSION, Texas – Sen.

“That this can’t go on” Blackburn told Fox News during a visit to the border last night, when asked what he took from what he had seen. “For you to find a way to maintain this southern border, the security of our country and our sovereignty depends on the resolution of this issue.”


October 9 2021: Texas state troops patrol the southern border. (Fox News)

The Tennessee representative said the problem at the border was the first issue for its citizens, especially human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and other incidents that take place outside the border.

“Just because [President] Biden does not maintain this border, every city is a border city, all countries are a border region and Tennessees care about it, “he told Fox, with gunshots ringing behind him from the Mexican side.

Earlier in the day, Blackburn received a meeting from the Texas Department of Public Safety officials, who saw the search for vehicles filled with illegal immigrants increase by 1000% in some areas at the same time last year, as well as significant transportation. of illicit drugs reaches the limit. The Border Patrol has arrested 1.1 million illegal travelers in Texas alone, DPS officials said.


Sen.  Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Reported by Lawyers on Border Disorder (Fox News)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Reported by Lawyers on Border Disorder (Fox News)

Blackburn also visited the river in South Texas, looked at the unfinished sections of border walls and met with sheriffs, as well as ranchers who were disturbed by the increase of illegal immigrants coming to the border.

Shepherds showed the senator how their walls had been destroyed and explained the huge cost of repairs left to them, as well as the cost of turning their cattle back and losing crops.

“This is something they have to deal with, they haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just that their farms and farms are close to the border,” he said.

While Biden’s administration sought to blame Trump for the increase in administration and factors such as poverty, corruption and violence in Central America, pastors and others blamed it on Biden’s rule – and asked why they had not heard from senior officials such as Deputy President Kamala Harris.


“Where is Kamala? Where is he in hell?” one shepherd asked. “Why didn’t he come down here?”

Blackburn also spent time talking to members of the Border Patrol, many of whom said it would complete the border wall, re-install Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) and complete “catch-and-release” key steps to stop the increase which saw more than two hundred thousand meet in July and August.

“They also want to do 42 more Residence Pledges,” he said, referring to Trump’s time plan that allows for faster deportations due to the COVID-19 epidemic. “They are very concerned about health issues.”

However, any hope that Biden’s management would change its approach to the wall has been dashed as the Homeland Security Department announced on Friday that it was rescinding even more of the border wall agreements in Laredo and Rio Grande Valley.

That of the Trump-era border wall remains unfinished after Biden's leadership stopped for it.  (Fox News)

The Trump-era border wall remains unfinished after Biden’s leadership stopped for it. (Fox News)

Blackburn told Fox why, in addition to reinstating Trump’s border policy, he also supported tougher sanctions against drug traffickers and traffickers, including those who commit such acts to be protected from receiving tax compensation assistance.

“One thing that surprised me was how many of these robbers and drug dealers live in government buildings, get help from the government, and their involvement is acting as rebels, mules or traffickers – and when you catch someone they should lose any benefits,” he said.

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But on a border patrol night, which Fox News also attended, Border Patrol representatives met several groups of families moving to a nearby border area, some with very young children. The Border Patrol put up signposts pointing to the correctional facilities so that passengers would not be lost.

Immigrants, agents warned, may be released within the US as soon as possible that night or the next morning if they do not qualify for removal under Article 42.

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