Schumer ‘poisoned well’ over the debt limit, McConnell says in a letter carrying | US Senate

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, sought to fight his way out of the corner on Friday by issuing an angry letter in which he accused Democrats of blaming the sky debt he had broken and ending his denial of unity he said was final.

In a letter to Joe Biden, McConnell complained about remarks that Democrat leader Chuck Schumer had attacked Republicans for their behavior.

Complaining of Schumer’s lack of character – which led to violent incidents in the Senate – McConnell added a string of insults to one of his numbers.

“Last night,” the minority leader wrote, at the end of Friday, “in a shocking incident, Sénata Schumer exploded in a rant that was so intertwined, so angry and disturbing that even Democratic senators were embarrassed by her and him.

“This outrage was compounded by the growing resentment of Senator Schumer… the nature of this rhetoric further divided the Republicans who helped to drive the temporary coup. It further exacerbated the toxicity. ”

Democrats who say it was McConnell poisoned the well by refusing to join forces and raise the debt limit, a step they have taken several times with Donald Trump in power. Experts say the failure of the US could pose a threat to the country’s economy.

McConnell insisted: “Because of Senator Schumer’s concerns and my deep concern about the way in which some big, careless, spending money is hurting Americans and helping China, I will not be a party to any future attempt to reduce the effects of Democratic rule.”

McConnell spoke again with Biden, the media reported.

The Kentuckians moved a day after they and ten other Republicans offered strong support for $ 800 million in union funding, enough to last two months. Haimari Secretary Janet Yellen had stated that without such a rise, the US would be unable to repay its debts by mid-October.

Some Republicans have criticized McConnell for his long standing, which they said would strengthen their argument that Biden’s first trillion dollars in spending, which is currently being dealt with by Congress, is destructive and harmful.

Trump, who remains strong in the party and will hold a rally in Iowa on Saturday, was one of those at Lambast McConnell for what Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, said.

In his speech, Schumer praised the Democrats for overcoming “the Republican crisis. Despite strong opposition from President McConnell and his party members, our conference was united and we pulled our country off the cliffs that the Republicans tried to force us to”.

According to Schumer, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a Democrat, was seen hiding his head in his hands. Among the Republicans outraged by Schumer’s lack of morals and respect was Utah’s Mitt Romney – who voted against helping raise the debt.

Romney told reporters: “There was a time for grace and a time for fighting, and it was a time for grace.”

John Thune of South Dakota, a Republican leader who voted for McConnell, said Schumer was “completely out”. Regarding his opposition to the New Yorker, he said: “I let him have it.”

But Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, tweeted.

One way for Democrats to raise the credit limit alone would be to protect the credit law from businesses, the delay means that 60 votes are needed in the Senate of 50-50.

Two key Democrats, Manchin and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona, are against it, as they are opposed to ending the filibuster to protect voting rights or to uphold Biden’s legislation. Republicans said one of the things in McConnell giving the two-month promotional loan was the fear that Manchin and Sinema could support financiers on the credit law.

Democrats have accused McConnell of creating a crisis over a $ 800 million debt that is being spent – including $ 700 million under Trump.

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