Schumer announces agreement to prevent state closure

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Wednesday night that the agreement to secure government funding and preventing government closure it has arrived.

“We have an agreement on the CR – an ongoing decision – to prevent the closure of the government, and we should be voting tomorrow,” he said in a Senate hearing. The president said he hopes to hold the vote at the end of the day – mid-hour before the government finishes, at midnight China.

The short-term state wage bill would allow state agents to work through December 3, but it does not set a timetable for raising credit syringe to prevent US default. The bill includes $ 6 billion to deploy Afghan refugees, as well as $ 68 billion in disaster relief following heavy storms and wildfires.

Once a bill is passed in the Senate, the House will take it, so it can be sent to President Biden to sign the government before it expires.


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