“Saturday Night Live” mocks billionaire astronauts with parody “Star Trek: Ego Quest”

Their egos are as big as the universe, so “Saturday Night Live” invented a new “Star Trek” series in which the billionaires have fun flying around in spaceships.

“Star Trek: Ego Quest” will feature episodes starring Amazon founder “Captain” Jeff Bezos (Owen Wilson) and his “Crew of Random Crackers”, including his brother (Luke Wilson) and the oldest person to ever live in space ( played by Heidi Gardner). who observes: “I am tired”).

The mission: “To fly space, screw up in a ship that looks like a penis.”

“Space is damn great,” enthuses Wilsons Bezos.

In a scene in front of his porthole, he discovers a friendly rival. “Richard Branson, you madman!” Shouts Bezos. “What’s up, Bezos, you nut,” replies Branson.

The big showdown is with the downright alien Elon Musk, who warns Bezos: “The room is only big enough for a strange white billionaire. You could say beating yourself is my main goal. “

Check it out in the floating video above.


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