Salt & Fuessel Develops New Internet Marketing Plan for Swann Insurance

Salt and Fuessel devised a digital method to increase brand awareness and promote online sales by taking mobile software for Swann Insurance.

The Challenge

As an official name in the insurance business, the challenge presented to them was the conversion of brand recognition to converts from customers. Swann Insurance wanted to drive the number of transactions nationwide and eventually saw increased sales.

The Plan

Salt & Fuessel implemented a complete solution to this problem, by implementing advertisements in all areas of the trade. From SEO to Social Media Marketing and Website Development – they made sure all the basics were covered, to maximize results.


Both the above and beyond SEO models with a focus on improving brand visibility and outperforming Swann Insurance’s competitors in searches were initiated.


The promotion by SEM and social media was promoted to strengthen the company’s position in the market and lead to greater sales.

Test Engineer & Development

Sate & Fuessel’s user research and online platform building worked towards taking away the pain of valued customers and building a customer journey.

The results

Their efforts resulted in a huge increase in online revenue by a whopping 25.69% after a few changes on their landing pages.

Just understanding their customers, what message needed to change to the main banner website provided more than 10% more conversions.

The advertising campaigns run by their experts saw a remarkable Return On Ad Spend of 21.8.

  • 76% Increased Productivity
  • 13x ROI
  • 20% Increased Finishing System

About Salt & Fuessel

Salt and Fuessel found many businesses struggling to figure out what was working as they tried to get customers.

Well, they actually developed a process model that identifies the best methods for customer growth. Then their independent management practitioners transform expectations into high-primed leadership in speaking each person’s language.

They work well they ensure x5 ROI and in these times of uncertainty, their customers are very happy with that.

Their mission is centered on the belief that people are being studied for a deeper connection and more effective results.

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