Salesforce Launches $ 1 Million Small Business Grant Program in San Francisco

Salesforce, provider of cloud-based software and customer relationship management services, has launched a $ 1 million small business grant in San Francisco.

Salesforce Creates $ 1 Million Small Business Grant Fund in San Francisco

The Salesforce San Francisco Small Business Grant Program 2021 is designed to support small businesses in the area that are still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program focuses on helping small businesses engage in virtual work and events.

Although the economy is reopening after months of disruption, many small businesses in the San Francisco area are still struggling.

Salesforce works with Ureeka

To kick off the program, Salesforce partnered with Ureeka, a community that connects small businesses with the right tools, resources, and mentors to help them grow and maintain their success. Through the partnership, the grant program will help small businesses overcome hurdles and challenges by providing them with the right resources and support to be successful.

Enrique Ortegon, SVP, SMB, Salesforce, commented on the aim of the scholarship program:

‚ÄúSmall businesses represent the best of us. You have a spirit, a hectic pace, creativity and friendliness. And they make our communities feel at home. We are very excited that the Salesforce San Francisco Small Business Grants can help support these wonderful businesses in our own backyard. “

“We hope the grant will help offset some of the reduced business created by a virtual Dreamforce,” added Ortegon.

Salesforce’s second scholarship program in San Francisco

The 2021 Salesforce San Francisco Small Business Grant Program marks the second time Salesforce has sponsored a San Francisco small business grant program. In 2020 the company started a program to support various corporate groups. 50% of the businesses were owned by women, 22% were owned by Black or African American, 30% were owned by Latinx, and 13% were LGBTQ +.

The 2020 program recipients came from a wide variety of businesses including salons, gyms, retailers, auto repairs, restaurants, bars, cafes and more.

Applications for the Salesforce San Francisco Small Business Grant Program 2021 are open until October 17, 2021.

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