Rosen, a former AG under Trump, stands before the January 6 committee

The Senate has released its report on its investigation last week. Jan City Court spokesman. 6 refused to comment on Rosen’s appearance.

Clark, however, has yet to raise questions from congressional observers examining Trump’s final weeks in office. His lawyer declined to comment. And when Rosen opposed Trump’s attempt to nominate a DOJ, Clark seems to have helped them.

The e-mails appear to have prompted DOGJ officials to send a letter in which he falsely claimed that the FBI had obtained fraudulent ballot papers in several states. A high-ranking official at the time – Richard Donoghue, who asked questions from the January 6 committee last week – told Clark that sending the letter “is not an option.”

Clark also told Rosen that Mr. Trump would remove him from office as DoJ leader and give that position to Clark, Rosen had previously testified in Senate court.

“Well, here’s the thing, Jeff Clark, my downstairs shouldn’t fire me,” Rosen replied to Clark, according to his testimony. “So I do not agree with what you are telling me, that you are going to reprimand me. I am going to talk to the President and tell him I have to talk to him.”

Clark’s plans did not come to fruition; the DOJ never sent his letter and Trump did not fire Rosen.

“The Select Committee wants to understand all about the efforts within the previous administration to delay the issuance of the 2020 election and to add false information about the outcome of the election,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), Of Jan. chairman, in a statement. “We need to understand Mr. Clark’s role in this effort in the Legal Department and learn who was involved in all the administration.”

The subpoena calls for Clark to appear at the deposit on October 29, the same-day documents are being caused by the sand.

The Washington Post first reported that Clark subpoena was coming.

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