Psaki slammed Biden ‘most horrible polls,’ accusing Delta of distinct and unarmed Americans

White The House journalist Jen Psaki was eaten Friday about President Biden’s incorrect voting numbers.

Psaki laid another charge against Americans “who chose not to be vaccinated.”


“I would say this is the most difficult time in our country,” Psaki replied. “We are still fighting against COVID, and a lot of people thought we would be through it, including ourselves.”

“And because of the rise in the Delta gap, because, although it was a legal drug under the Republican regime, even though we now have full DAA approval, and even though it is widely available in the country,” we still have… 20% of the country decided not to vaccinate, “he added.

“No doubt that has something to do with it,” Psaki said, before concluding, “And indeed, according to the president, the bull stands with him.”

In addition to the negative publicity, the September negative report of jobs saw only 194,000 jobs added to the economy, much to the chagrin of the five hundred thousand economic estimates provided.

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President Biden released the report on Friday and maintained his record on the economy as “progress” as its player approval rate at 38%.

“In total, job creation in the first eight months of my administration has about five million jobs,” Biden said. “Jobs high, wages high, unemployment low. That’s progress.”

Fox News’ Jonathan Garber made the announcement.

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