Psaki says Biden’s remaining numbers are on COVID-19 mainly due to concerns, not the role of the president

The number of Mining Bidg inspectors left when it comes to his ECVID-19 outbreak is the result of Americans suffering from the virus, not the role played by the president in navigating the epidemic, Jen Psaki, a White House journalist said Wednesday. .


The exact poll was not mentioned. Earlier this week, the Axios / Ipsos Coronavirus Index poll showed 53% of Americans say they have little or no confidence in Biden when it comes to COVID.

Psaki said he believes the polls “show people who are sick and tired of COVID.”

He said some people who had been vaccinated were concerned that others refused to take the vaccine, and blamed the “Delta rise” (difference) for disrupting the US return to normalcy.

“Finally, and the leader spoke several times, the bull stands with him,” he said. “The solution is to continue to get more people vaccinated and to restore human lives to normalcy.”

There is no world leader who has not been politically motivated by the COVID-19 epidemic. There have been violent protests over incarceration in countries such as France and Denmark and some Trump supporters believe that the former president would have carried 2020 if it had not been for the virus.

Axios said the election was aimed at “more malaise than fear” among the American people but “malaise could be a real challenge for a Democratic leader who has built his support on the pledge to control the country from crisis – and with a large House and Senate party in line in 2022.”

The report showed that by the end of January, 55 percent of Americans had trusted the president with the virus.

Cliff Young, president of Ipsos US public events, told reporters that Biden had won on COVID and “also sought the first six months” on the virus.


“But he is against it right now because there is no clear solution before us,” he said.

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