Psaki says Biden owes $ 500 million to IRS ‘released’

WASHINGTON – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday expressed concern that President Biden owed $ 500,000 in unpaid Medal taxes “- although experts say otherwise.

The issue came up again last month when Republicans accused Biden of forcing other rich people to pay their “fair share” in support of a new social fund.

Psaki grew up expressing annoyance when asked about the matter by The Post at his daily press conference and cut the line of inquiry after an expert was mentioned, who confirmed Biden may be tax liable.

“This is a very long question. I think I know what you’re getting at. This has been fixed, as you may know. He has also released many, many years of his tax so that people can check it out, ”said Psaki.

He made the remarks despite a quote from tax law professor Bob Willens, an associate professor at Columbia University business school, who recently said that “in my opinion, the case could be simplified” that Biden owed taxes.

When the Post sent out that “it is not written yet, I just pointed to an expert,” Psaki cut off the question and asked a reporter to ask a question.

Psaki said President Biden’s tax was previously levied.
Susan Walsh / AP
White House journalist Jen Psaki speaks during a daily meeting at the White House in Washington, Friday, October 8, 2021.
White House journalist Jen Psaki says the backlog was “also listed”.
Susan Walsh / AP

“Go ahead, George… I think we’ll move on to more issues,” he said.

Experts say the idea of ​​Biden borrowing taxes has not been dispelled.

Willens, of the opinion quoted to Psaki, said although he thought there was a case against Biden, “Even if the IRS would like to make this case, however, it is not certain to be given to the shareholder.”

Biden and first wife Jill Biden made more than $ 13 million through “S companies” and accounted for less than $ 800,000 as payment for Medarean tax – the remainder of what was left over would have been 3.8 percent.

He should have paid taxes on part of the pay he received for his work, experts say.

The question of whether Biden unfairly avoided paying taxes was raised again when Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) Asked for a report from the Congress Research Research on S union tax bonds. The banking office issued a copy of the report to The Post, arguing that it showed Biden was indebted to the IRS.

“Joe Biden wants to raise taxes by $ 2.1 trillion when he says the rich should pay ‘a fair share.’ But in 2017, millions of people, Joe Biden, withdrew his tax – the actual benefit for Medicare and Obamacare, ”Banks said.

“According to the CRS system submitted to my office, he owes money to the IRS and the American people hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes.”

Biden, a longtime senator who calls himself “Middle Class Joe,” often calls on high-income people to pay a “fair share,” saying that in addition to raising taxes, the rich often avoid paying the existing taxes they have to pay.

President Biden has continued to call on the rich Americans to pay proper taxes.
President Biden has continued to call on the rich Americans to pay proper taxes.
Susan Walsh, Faira / AP

Tax experts told The Post that Biden’s approach to tax evasion is so common that the IRS does not have the resources to sue the corporate owner of the corporation who allegedly undermines their “salary” to evade Meded tax.

John Bogdanski, a former member of the IRS Commissioner’s Advisory Group and a professor at the Lewis & Clark law school, said, “There are millions – literally millions – of S companies. So there could be half a million S of companies playing this game. And the IRS is not even close enough to bring in half a million cases each year. ”


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