Prison Officials Detained in Contempt of Jan’s Treatment. 6 Representative

A court judge arrested officials in Washington, DC, in jail for contempt of court on Wednesday, ruling that they had improperly delayed the treatment of a plaintiff who was detained in connection with an attack on Jan. 6 to Capitol.

Calling for a delay in the treatment of the plaintiff, Christopher Worrell, “incompetent” and “unreasonable,” Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the Federal District Court in Washington said he would refer the matter to the Justice Department for an investigation into whether Mr. Worrell’s civil rights – as well as the rights of other convicted inmates – were violated.

“Doesn’t anyone care?” Judge Lamberth questioned prison officials and their lawyers at one point, describing their outcry as Mr. Worrell’s treatment “more than ignorance.”

Worrell, a member of the Florida Chapter of Vadada Boys, was denied bail and sentenced to life in prison shortly after his arrest in March on charges of assaulting a police officer and obstructing Congress’s presidential vote on January 6. with cancer and chemotherapy, and after arrest, he broke his arm.

He was scheduled for surgery on his hip in June, Judge Lamberth said at a hearing on Wednesday, but by August, the surgery had not been performed and the judge ordered prison officials to provide him with Worrell medical records so he could consider producing a systematic video. Prison officials delayed taking Judge Lamberth’s notes, sparking his outrage from the bench.

Contempt for citizens does not impose any sanctions such as jail time or fines. The Department of Justice and the DC Department of Corrections declined to comment on the matter.

Lawyers for several of the 40 plaintiffs Jan. 6 inmates in DC instead of paying bail have raised complaints of mistreatment. Some complained that their customers were denied proper nutrition and access to showers. Some complained about the ban on religious activities. Prison officials denied the allegations and said Capitol riot prosecutors were not selected to be punished or mistreated.

In his contempt, Judge Lamberth said he did not know whether Mr. Worrell’s delayed treatment was linked to Jan 6, but was still angry about it.

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