Powerball’s jackpot is now $ 620 million, the tenth largest of all

The Powerball prize went up again, placing it in the top ten in the US Lottery history.

Without anyone comparing the six numbers drawn on Wednesday night, the jackpot is currently estimated at $ 620 million for Saturday night’s photo. If there is a ticket to win, it could be the tenth-largest lottery prize won – and it is still $ 88 million behind the biggest: Powerball prize paid in January 2016.

The jackpot has been growing since early June when a single ticket sold in Florida won $ 286 million. Since then, there have been 38 dramas with no major rewards.

The value of money – which most winners choose instead of an annuity spread over 30 years – of this $ 620 million jackpot is $ 446 million. That amount would be reduced by 24% of the joint tax tax of $ 17 million, plus applicable national taxes. And, some may be indebted to the IRS at the time of taxation.

Even if a large share goes to taxes, the air will be much higher than what most people see in life. This makes it important for the winners to get professional guidance before heading to the lottery hotels. Depending on where a ticket is purchased, you get anywhere from three months to a year to pick up your prize.

Generally speaking, the first call should be for a lawyer who is experienced in helping lottery winners, experts say. Other experts should also be brought in to help, including a tax adviser and a financial adviser.

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The winner must also make a copy of his or her ticket and keep the original in a safe place (i.e., lock box or bank secure deposit box). In addition, it is necessary to share the news with as few people as possible, experts say.

Meanwhile, the Mega Millions jackpot is at $ 34 million on Friday night drawing. Last week, a ticket sold in New York matched all the numbers drawn to win about $ 4701.

Your chance to beat any jackpot of the game with one ticket is a miniscule. For Mega Millions, it is 1 in 302 million and for Powerball, 1 in 292 million.


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