Pfizer is urging workers to get vaccinated by November 15 or expect disciplinary action

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer recently announced to its employees that they could face disciplinary action if they fail to comply with a company-wide vaccine mandate before an upcoming deadline.

In a September 21 memo, first reported by WWMT in Michigan, a Pfizer executive reiterated that all U.S.-based employees and contractors must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 15, unless they are receive a religious or medical exception. The memo states that employees are subject to disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination if they fail to adhere to the policy.

Pfizer first announced its company-wide vaccine mandate on August 4th. At the time, company officials said all U.S. employees and contractors would need to be vaccinated or undergo weekly COVID-19 tests.


The Pfizer Inc. logo appears on the lab coat of an employee of the company’s research and development facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pfizer is expected to release quarterly results on October 27th. (Scott Eisen / Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

A Pfizer spokesman said the company has warned of possible disciplinary action against those who have failed to comply with the mandate since the requirement was implemented. The company admitted in the Sept. 21 memo that employees could be fired if they are not vaccinated and do not have a waiver.

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The spokesman said Pfizer was still working to figure out what form disciplinary action could take, adding that the company would not necessarily fire all workers who remained unvaccinated after the November 15 deadline.


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES – 8/18/2021: A nurse gives Joe Rigdon a COVID-19 booster syringe at a vaccination site in Eastmonte Park, Altamonte Springs. The third injection was offered to immunocompromised individuals, with everyone (Paul Hennessy / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images / Getty Images)

Pfizer was the first company to receive FDA approval for its COVID-19 vaccine. In August, Pfizer spokeswoman Pamela Eisele said the company’s internal vaccination policy is designed to “protect the health and safety of our colleagues and the communities we serve.”

In a separate employee memo dated October 4, Pfizer informed US employees of changes to its overtime policy. The company will change its definition of overtime from recorded hours to hours worked, meaning workers will have to exceed 40 hours per week on-site to be eligible for one and a half or double pay.


An employee who remained anonymous told WWMT that the change would result in lower wages for some employees. The Pfizer spokesman said the policy changes would not affect overtime pay.

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