Peter Navarro offends blower Maggie Haberman of Katie Rogers’ Grisham’s story

Former White House business adviser Peter Navarro slammed a New York Times reporter for an article written by a colleague looking at a new book written by former White House Press Secretary. Stephanie GrishamLack of helicopter compelled Ivanka Trump, Kushner to drop plans to meet Queen Elizabeth II: book New book clarifies Trump Reed’s mysterious visit to Walter Reed in November 2019 A former aide says Trump told Putin at a meeting that he would be strong ‘on cameras’ MORE.

In an episode that drew Navarro’s outrage, published in The Times on Tuesday, White House journalist Katie Rogers quoted Grisham’s book, which portrays former president as insane, insulting and “encouraging” Russian President Vladamir Putin.

“I realized that sooner or later the president would want me to tell the public something that is not true or that would make me sound crazy,” Grisham writes in the book, which is expected to be released next week, The Times Times reported. . “This is not, by the way, the book you want me to like.”

Navarro, who served as Trump’s top adviser on trade and was one of his most outspoken defenders at the time of the news appearance, shared a weblink with Rogers’ story on Tuesday when he sent criticism to a reporter in the newspaper, Maggie HabermanMaggie Lindsy HabermanClinton lawyer accuses show ‘fake bag’ Juan Williams: Trump’s attempt to oust him should deter him from the 2024 race Still in the game: Durham’s statement throwing a slow ball of political players? MORE, and Time together.

“Grisham is a book that doesn’t help with gossip,” Navarro said. “Not at all [New York Times] and [Maggie Haberman] pimping, take as given its BS. “I worked with Stephanie and she was a good person but I agree with POTUS that she didn’t cut herself in the printing office.”

Navarro also shared a quote from his newly written book, urging his followers to “find the truth in the Trump era.”

Haberman, a Washington reporter for The Times who interviewed and wrote about Trump for years, has been a top figure for the former president during his time in office. He responded to Navarro’s vicious criticism of his Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Peter seems to think that all NYT women’s workers are the same,” she said. “This was written by [Rogers], not me. But thank you for the service.

“This man is truly amazing,” Haberman said in a tweet. “Know that he was selling his book on Amazon, which he attacked, and was attacked on Twitter. He likened DC well.”


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