Pelosi goes all the way home from the line

“I have great faith in Nancy Pelosi. He performed many magical acts. This is the biggest problem he has ever faced, which we as a party have faced, ”said Representative Anthony Brown (D-Md.).

“I’m not worried right now when I start taking my money out of the bank or the market,” he continued. “But I’m worried it might fail.”

Pelosi was the driving force behind Obamacare, a month-long herculean test that would have been made if it had not been for his intervention. But as the longtime leader told his colleagues in secret in recent weeks, the stakes could not have been higher if the outcome could be achieved beyond what they are currently doing in the Democrats’ house negotiations. Medicare, paid vacation, climate change: Big party goals hanging on the scale.

With a small record in history – only three House Democrats can undermine any attempt and error – Pelosi has less space than ever before than could end up being the biggest bill ever passed by Congress. And to add to the fact that this is Pelosi’s last name in Congress, the outcome of the coming weeks could be a denouement of his long and historic career.

Democratic leaders are expected to pass a $ 500 billion building bill next week, send it to Biden’s desk and fulfill vows to the christrists to hold a vote on September 27. At the same time, the administration is working hard to implement a speedy package on the package. forward he will not rebel and it will likely diminish all power.

As he does with the hard votes, Pelosi has been relying on the technical bag – using his extensive support and network inside and outside the Capitol, hitting the encyclopedia of the needs of each member, using real force and clever bowing. people to his will without even realizing it.

“Every time you get to a place where there’s a big log, you find people who are scared and worried,” said House Chief Steny Hoyer. “I think we build confidence and to the point of building confidence we create great potential to pass all of this.”

But even if all went as planned next week – which would mean a successful vote in the Senate – a bill to pass the bill would probably be followed by a vote on social security scrutiny – the biggest unknown remains outside Pelosi’s control: the senators.

Sens. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) Spoke of their shortcomings over the $ 300 million in spending expenses but declined to give specific details of the amount of money that would be received from them. Manchin even called for a “pause” in the negotiations.

This halted the efforts of the House of Representatives, undermining Pelosi’s promises to the moderate and free parties of his caucus to move both the building bill and into a larger fund at the same time.

And a group of members of the Pelosi faction insists that an agreement with the Senate is the only way they will vote to move forward with greater legislation. They have vowed to vote against anything that comes with Manchin and Cinema, warning that it is likely to pass a House text message bill that fails in the Senate.

Manchin is not giving a signal that he is close to providing a high number of users, despite pressure from Democratic and Biden leaders.

“What is needed? There is no timeline. I want to understand it, ”Manchin said in an interview this week. “Everyone knows me well. My thoughts are my thoughts, not theirs. ”

Pelosi is tired of waiting. So now he’s doing what he does most – forcing it into the House in the hopes that it will include his military teams and Manchin and Cinema shoes from the sidelines.

The Budget Committee will spend several hours on Saturday convening various commissions. But the markup is more symbolic; it will not resolve big issues such as price issues or major legal disputes. Any major change Democrats want to make will come later.

Pelosi also vowed to hold a vote on social media next week. Many Democrats secretly speculate about what will happen given a tough bill and many issues have been decided by the Senate. But Democrat leaders hope that Pelosi can put in place enough pressure to enable Senate maristists to openly allow for a high degree of exploitation in the coming days.

“The point is not metal, the stiletto is underground,” said a senior Democratic aide who knows Pelosi’s thinking. “His foot hung under the car.”

Pelosi and Hoyer reiterated Friday as lawmakers left the Capitol to raise the building bill on Monday, as promised to their moderate members, though private donors agree the vote itself could take place in a matter of weeks.

Progressives, meanwhile, have rejected the prospect of voting on buildings soon, reiterating Pelosi’s promise not to hold a vote until the Senate passes a major spending plan.

In view of this crisis, some Democrats are wondering if Pelosi had promised too much and could not deliver next week, irritating all the wings of the caucus at the crucial moment. But no members would go to the press to express their concern, fearing the bombing from Pelosi and his associates.

Liberal leaders in the House, including Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Have repeatedly said they are confident the speaker will join the meeting ahead of a planned vote next week.

“There has to be a plan, to move so that we can get what we all need,” Omar said. “And I hope the speaker will come up with some good ideas up front.”

But the progress is insisting that they want to sink the bill if their demands are not met – as agents dig their own for the first time.

“Everyone who is worried a little bit their priorities will not be met,” said Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.). “We really hope we will continue to build on most of us – but what if we don’t? A few of them are not surprising. ”

The long stand indicates how close the relationship between the two teams of Pelosi’s team has deteriorated as negotiations have resulted in summer and fall. Deep mistrust over moderate and progressive camps has been so publicized that both sides have taken it upon themselves to serve the interests of the public, rather than in private, with the prospect of exercising their powers in the House.

Democratic Caucus Chairman Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (DN.Y.) predicted that Pelosi would ease these tensions next week, describing Pelosi as the group’s “legal officer”.

Democrats “will have to act on a larger scale next week,” Jeffries said. “It’s high time, but again we’ll get the job done.”

Burgess Everett contributed to this report.

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