Participate in conferences and trade shows like a pro – Small Business Show 208

Chances are, at some point you will attend a conference or trade show related to your small business. How can you maximize your time and have the best experience possible when attending a conference or trade show? Come visit us for episode 208 of the Small Business Show to find out!

Your Hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean have attended, reported on and exhibited at hundreds of conferences and trade shows. From small events with a few hundred people to Consumer electronics fair with hundreds of thousands of participants. Each of these events requires planning and purpose to ensure you get the best result from your attendance.

Listen and learn the importance of researching the event to make you feel safe and comfortable, the importance of building trust with existing and new contacts, and why hanging out in conference rooms can be a great way to make connections to knot.

We discuss the importance of listening more than talking, scheduling meetings before the show, while also having flexible time for what’s coming up and why being together in the evening could be the best part of the event.

Join us for all of this and more in this episode of the Small Business Show! After the show, click the Small business support group share your own tips.

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