You missed that in week 7 of Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos Trial

The seventh week of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ fraud is over. It included revelations about $ 1 billion IPO plans and ways employees were trying to bypass testing issues. Here is everything that happened during the process on its seventh week. Loading Something is loading. How Theranos tried to make unusual test results appear normal … Read more

Amid the Capitol riots, Facebook faced its own uprising

Amid the Capitol riots, Facebook faced its own uprising

WASHINGTON (AP) – As Donald Trump supporters looted the US Capitol on January 6, attacking police and forcing judges to hide, an uprising was taking place within the world’s largest news company. Thousands of miles away, in California, Facebook engineers rushed to fix internal controls that slowed the spread of incorrect information and stimulated internal … Read more

Jesse Watters reveals the purpose of Biden’s CNN town hall

Jesse Watters: Democrats just want a dictator

Jesse Watters announced the purpose of the Biden mansion in the town at CNN Friday at “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” saying this was to let Americans “know” who really cares about the United States. JESSE WATTERS: Not many people saw Joe Biden’s downtown evening. The measurements were extremely shocking, which is not surprising at all. Joe … Read more

Walmart Recalls “Rare and Dangerous” Bacteria Air Conditioner in Connection with 2 Deaths

Walmart is recalling air freshener sold nationwide because of the possible existence of the bacterium that federal agencies have labeled a “rare and dangerous” bacterium that has been linked to two deaths, including a child. According to a recall notice released Friday by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, the retailer sold approximately 3,900 bottles of … Read more

The body of a three-year-old boy was found a week after the mother was found murdered

The body of a three-year-old boy was found a week after the mother was found murdered

The body of a three-year-old boy was missing in Milwaukee – a week after his mother was found murdered, according to local authorities. A minor, Major Harris, was found Thursday on North 35th Street and West Rohr Avenue, Milwaukee Police said in a statement. Law enforcement officials tell The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Major’s body was … Read more

SkyWest flight delays and cancellations continue despite system recovery

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Getting in the air continued to be a problem on Friday, so travelers’ plans stayed up in the air. “I just hope and pray now that’s it,” said Tyreke Booker, who wanted to fly to Chicago after a work shift in Fresno. “Everything is thrown away. I have to switch my … Read more

Brian Laundrie’s lawyer: The FBI has ‘everything they need’ in the investigation of Gabby Petito’s murder

Brian Laundrie's lawyer: The FBI has 'everything they need' in the investigation of Gabby Petito's murder

Brian Laundrie’s lawyer and his deceased parents said they were told by the FBI that they believe they “have everything they need” related to the investigation into Gabby Petito’s murder. Sitting down with Fox News Digital for him New York office Friday, Steven Bertolino raised questions about how Chris and Roberta Laundrie planned to join … Read more