Out-Work New York Cop Yvonne Wu Shoot Ex-Girl, Kills Woman, Police Say

A NYPD officer shot and wounded a former girl and killed another woman, according to local police. Early Wednesday morning, spokeswoman Yvonne Wu was waiting for her ex-girlfriend, Jenny Li, at Li’s house in Brooklyn. When Li entered the door, Wu allegedly shot both him and another woman. According to Li’s friend who spoke to New York Daily News, he and Wu divorced last month. Li, 23, is expected to recover from a gunshot wound to the body. An unidentified 24-year-old woman, struck once in the chest, died on the spot. Wu, 38, was off duty at the time of the shooting and allegedly used his service weapon.

The next call 911 was set, he was calling identifying himself as Li. On the back of the phone, a voice could be heard saying, “That’s what you get,” that is News reported. Officials who responded to the incident found Wu waiting outside, “calm, gathered, and arriving,” according to Assistant Chief Michael Kemper. “It’s easy, he confessed,” he added. Wu enlisted in the army in 2016. He is currently in custody, Kemper said.

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