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The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that detectives have found what they believe is the body of Mia Marcano, 19, missing.

At a news conference, Orange County Superintendent John Mina said they believe Marcano’s body was found in a wooded area in the Tymber Skan area at Lake Condominiums around 10:45 am Saturday.

“About an hour ago detectives informed Miya’s parents about our tragic case,” Mina said. “Our hearts are broken, and I told you China that hundreds of Office County Sheriff staff are committed to this issue and are working hard. Everyone wanted this outcome to be different.”

Marcano has not been seen since Wednesday, September 22.

Candles were lit and people gathered in Lauderhill as the search for 19-year-old Miya Marcano continued. NBC 6’s Julie Leonardi reports

Although the diagnosis is not made by a medical examiner, Mina said they are confident it was Marcano.

“Even if we are not sure who he is, the certificate must be from the office of the medical examiner,” Mina said. “At this time. We cannot determine the cause of death, so I do not want to speculate on this. The most important thing right now is that it is unfortunate that we have found what we believe is the remains of Miya.”

A purse with her identity card and belongings found with the body, Mina said.

The man known as the most suspect, Armando Cabellero, was found dead by a suicide bomber on Monday.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Armando Caballero

Detectives were able to locate Marcano’s body by tracking down Cabellero’s phone number and leading them to where he was on Friday when he disappeared, Mina said.

As a local people, a sheriff, a father, you know, it’s clear we’re mourning the loss of Miya. Again, we can’t imagine the pain and grief that Miya’s parents, family, loved ones and friends and our entire community have gone through and will continue to go through, “said Mina.

Police said Cabellero had previously lived in the Tymber Skan homes.

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