Opposition Protesters Panic That Left Will ‘Shorten’ Them After Failing Capitol Putsch

In the weeks following the January 6 Capitol riots, the leader of the right-wing Oath Keepers urged members to borrow money to raise oil, in the face of what the group said would be an attack on Biden’s management. During all this time, the group was making daily withdrawals of $ 30,000 from the general public.

A released source ofathath Keepers messages, posted by the Free Distributed Denial of Secrets group this week, reveals another group discussion after members joined the Capitol program. Notable in the crazy drop of email from the group’s founder, Stuart Rhodes, who told members that Biden White House was about to “conduct a ‘night of long blows” at theathath Keepers pretending to be powerless. Fear of conspiracy was often accompanied by solicitation of funds.

One week after the Capitol attack, while Donald Trump was still in office, Rhode sent an email asking the president to adopt an Insurrection Act to adhere to the force, the emails were inspired. (Although the text message was sent to Trump, it is unknown whether Rhodes sent it to him or simply included his notes in an email to the Oath Keepers. The left one, which he thought would start attacking the pro-Trump family.

“The wolves of the enemy home will be at the door of all your supporters,” wrote Rhodes. “American constitutional liberals will have no choice but to honor their vows and defend both the Constitution and their families or the communists and the audience of the East State who come to them (as they are already planning to do).”

Like the others on the left and right, Rhode seemed to believe the conspiracy theories about Trump secretly holding the destructive secrets to the left. Rhode urged Mr. Trump to publish the supposed secret secrets on sites like 8chan.

“At least, do the mass declassification and data dump,” Rhodes wrote. “You still have enough power as President and Director-Chair to select any files held by the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.

Rhodes included the text of that letter in an explosive email to Oath Keepers labeled “OATH FREE OPERATORS PART I.” In it, Rhodes warned followers of the “extreme chance” that Biden’s management would consider taking over the power grid and launch a counter-insurgency.

“In the short term, we are facing a huge opportunity [sic] of the purpose ‘down’ situation where black hats take down / shut down all communication in the US – No service, no internet, no bottom lines. Darkness extinguishes. This may also include lowering the electrical power. The power to turn off the lights. The worst case scenario would be an EMP [electromagnetic pulse] strike, “Rhodes told Oath Keepers on January 13.” The goal of such operations / power outages will be to reduce our ability to speak and bring people into their homes like black hats and their terrorist aides at night removing long knives to arrest or otherwise taking patriotic leaders, potential leaders, and skilled workers. ”(The reference to the” night of long swords “was the second time Rhode had compared the Biden regime with the Nazis in that email.)

Questions about money are tied via free email.

Rhode encouraged fans to plan for home-led relocations during energy efficiency estimates, and to accumulate fuel, even going into debt if needed. “Take all the fuel you can – gas, diesel, THAT’S it,” he wrote. “Remove oil from underground storage tanks and portable containers. Take whatever you can. You will need it. Borrow money or charge if you need to. ”

Rhode did not return requests to say he believed such an attack was imminent.

The published e-mails indicate the continued crackdown on Oath Keepers rhetoric, even after the Capitol riots.

Rhodes says it has not been opened and is unaware of the Oath Keepers’ attempt to break the Capitol. Speaking at a DC rally before January 6, however, he preached a similar sign of anti-left apocalypticism, which is viewed by violent observers as a warning sign before a Capitol attack. During one such speech, in December, he called on Mr. Trump to challenge the Revolutionary Law and warned that “if he does not do so while he is still the Prime Minister, we will have to do it ourselves, in the most extreme cases, a bloody war.”

Rhodes was also seen supporting the court-based attempt to control President Joe Biden’s victory. In an email on January 28, Oath Keepers’ attorney Kellye Sorelle sent an email to the group saying “Stewart has agreed to allow me to send an email to all chapters asking for help.”

Sorelle called on party members to help them find documents “for all 50 constituencies according to their rules / regulations that change their voting procedures, the use of ballot boxes, change voter registration and voter registration information.” detention for 22 months as required by law. “

Sorelle did not return requests to comment on the nature of her request, and that the Oath Keepers had convened to assist her. At the time of her petition, Sorelle was involved in court cases citing the law from a myth Lord of the Rings created in an attempt to undermine Biden’s victory. (The case was dismissed in September.)

Some of Rhode’s emails at the time included requests for donations from Oath Keepers. Even the public Oath Keepers fundraiser on the site GiveSendGo was a flop in the spring of 2021, which the group was bravely removing tens of thousands from the account on the crowdfunding site RallyPay, has released a cash withdrawal.

From January 18 to February 16, New Jersey Oath Treasurer Edward Durfee withdrew funds from the daily account, amounting to more than $ 28,000. Durfee, who is running for office in New Jersey, did not return requests to speak on Thursday (or to respond earlier, when asked about allegations that the Oath Keepers had defrauded the bid).

The purpose of theathath Keepers’ RallyPay account is unclear. He released a series of lectures showing the group “raised” such an account in support of the alleged Capitol rioter Jessica Watkins. The Oath Keepers have also run their own RallyPay fundraisers since better October 2020.

Questions about money are tied via free email. In February, Rhodes sent a letter to Oath Keepers asking for their help in response to a hurricane in Alabama. While the email was calling for volunteers, it was also asking for donations. Two days later, Rhode sent another letter, informing followers that the first respondents had rejected the group’s activities.

“The local PD has made us aware that they have a man-strong enough to pay for their needs and security is not as bad as it once thought. So, we are standing in the middle of this,” wrote Rhodes.

“To those who have given support to this work: we are very grateful for your support,” he wrote. “Providers like you make what we do possible and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you will only let us use your gift to pay for our future service (no doubt we will be in the field again soon) and with our ongoing taxes. However, if you provided this and want a refund, send us an email and we will do so. ”

Restoration was a problem for Oath Keepers in early 2021, according to The Daily Beast. Many potential Oath Keepers sent a letter to the group, complaining that they had sent an application fee but never heard of the members.

Another request came from the former Proud Boys president, a separate right-wing paramilitary group. He released a series of lectures showing that Jason Lee Van Dyke, who briefly served as head of the Vadada Boys, tried to join Oath Keepers in March. Van Dyke has previously been accused of using the Stage Boy chapter to investigate the enemy – a charge Van Dyke denies.

Van Dyke told The Daily Beast that the Oath Keepers did not ask him about his Proud Boys alliance. He said he joined the club for a short while, but few people spoke to him, even going to him as a member. Phone logs show him offering to pay $ 50 for members, but being told that the group’s pay processors were currently down.

“I seem to remember the time I could have been in their conversation but I was there for a while and as far as I know, the team is completely gone,” Van Dyke told The Daily Beast. “I can’t remember my password to get in there. They have no members to get in there anymore. If I remember correctly, that chat was as dead as a snail. ”


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