Opposition candidates have been beaten by an Idaho political secretary

Hypocritical pastors forcing misunderstandings about the 2020 elections have taken their cases to Idaho, and Idaho officials have pushed back.

Tem Gem State Election Officials in the office of Secretary of State Lawrence Wasden (R) said last Wednesday they visited two states to do a handwriting of the president last year after hearing from readers of the website affiliated with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. of spreading the unspeakably better news in recent months.

The Wasden office said it was receiving comments, in the form of a report released on Lindell’s behalf, that longer votes in all 44 states of Idaho showed evidence of “electronic use.”

Problem only: At least seven of Idaho’s 40 courts do not use electronic means in their calculation, making requests impossible.

The provinces, small and rural areas, are still counting votes by hand, passing electronics or electronics altogether. This process is possible because fewer votes were cast.

“We call them Flintstone monsters,” Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck said in an interview with China, referring to the Stone Age cartoon family with a pet dinosaur. “That’s not a bad thing at all. This is a defensive choice, a defensive choice. ”

Houck said regional secretaries in Idaho – the former state President TrumpDonald TrumpBiden and the Border Patrol: So it’s good to have ‘officers’ back law enforcers asking the Air Force to ‘suspend all actions’ on the Space Command movement Running against Trump is tried and true, but Biden ‘has a sharp mind’ enough for the job? MORE loaded with about two-to-1 margin over President BidenJoe BidenArizona Democrats, Politicians first eye off against Cinema on Biden agenda, filibuster Biden and Border Patrol: in 2020 – he had stated that he was intimidated after misleading clergy who misrepresented voter tallies, and about alleged evidence of breach of voting machines.

“There are courts that have received a threat of injury at the district secretary’s office, at the level of voting staff,” he said.

Some of these accusations included the alleged geolocation of IP addresses, slopes and lengths that would, however impractical, place servers on top of mountains.

But Mr Houck said Wasden’s office was prepared to face any misinformation and hope to provide concrete evidence that could prove or disprove the allegations.

“Whenever you have complaints of any kind of wrongdoing, no matter what it is, and in this case fraud is widespread, those who do not see or know the limits, of course,” Houck said. “In the first step, you go, this is understandable. “However, we said that if we were given information we would take that information down.”

So Houck and a team from the Wasden office decided to do a handwriting of the two provinces, Butte and Camas, which had counted their votes without the machines.

“They have already reached out to us. They came to my constituency on Tuesday, ”Clerk County Clerk Shelly Blackner said in an interview. “When they came in, Chad Houck was very good at explaining what they were doing, how they were going to do it. He explained to us that they were filming, and they started this program.”

The first results announced in Butte County showed 1,193 of Trump’s votes and 188 of Biden. The incorrect information on Lindell’s behalf is said to be the only 130 votes received by Biden – but, with Democrat and Republican witnesses watching, Houck’s videotaped reading, received 188 votes for the Democratic candidate. Trump’s vote rose to 1,202 – a nine-vote margin of 0.33 percent.

“I felt we were organized. We have prepared everything, ”said Blackner.

In Camas County, the official number was abolished by one vote: Trump’s total rose from 57 percent, as reported by the state, to 508, while the 1449 votes cast for Biden were in total. The error margin – one out of 67 votes – reached 0.14 percent.

The unnamed statements are the last in a series of statements made by Lindell or her colleagues about the 2020 elections divided under the most scrutinized scrutiny.

Earlier this month Lindell visited Alabama’s Secretary of State, John Merrill (R) – and was quick to point out that anonymous criminals had withdrawn 100,000 votes in Trump’s easy-to-carry constituency. Merrill denied Lindell’s claim, which he did not prove.

In an interview, Houck lamented the ongoing recurrence of approximately 11 months after Election Day, even in states where the outcome has never been disputed.

“At some point on the line people have to drain sand and say this is absurd,” he said. “It doesn’t justify spending money on a lot of things and going out to find what you think might be a needle in what you think might be grass.”


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