Officials in Wyoming Debt Story of Gabrielle Petito In Searching for a Lost Person

A closer look at Gabrielle Petito’s case has helped authorities find the body of a man believed to have been missing since last month, in the same forest in Wyoming where the findings of Ms. Petito were found, officials said.

Search teams on Tuesday found the body of a man who fits Robert Lowery’s description in Teton Pass, a forested area in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming, according to Teton County Search and Rescue. The site is about 17 miles from the site of Ms. Petito’s remains on September 19.

Mr Lowery, 46, from Houston, was last seen on August 20. The cause of death is being investigated, officials said.

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office was investigating Mr Lowery’s disappearance and received tapes over the weekend about where he might have been seen, authorities said. Based on tips, search teams have found a body that fits his description near the Black Canyon Trail, a well-known destination for cycling and cycling.

Officials said a review of Ms. Petito’s case “helped bring light” to Mr. Lowery’s, a father of two who left Houston for Jackson Hole, Wyo., On August 19, according to KPRC 2, Houston TV channel.

Officials said Mr. Mr Lowery canceled his letter before leaving Houston, The Jackson Hole News & Guide reported. Leigh Lowery, his sister, also told the newspaper that he had just found a sleeping bag and a tent, adding that his brother had no experience of camping.

Teton County Search and Rescue and the Lowery family did not return requests for comment Wednesday.

Ms Petito, 22, is reported missing this month after she did not return from a car trip with her fiancĂ©e, Brian Laundrie. His body was later found in the Grand Teton National Park area, and the FBI sentenced him to death as a murderer. Mr. Laundrie, whose police said the “interested person” in the case, remains missing.

Ms. Petito’s disappearance has attracted widespread media coverage, which some have criticized as inequitable, considering the lack of care given to hundreds of disappearances that do not affect white women.

Mrs Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, said at a news conference on Tuesday that social media users were “amazing” and “powerful” in their daughter’s case, and that one step of attention should be given to everyone.

Authorities in Wyoming are also searching for Cian McLaughlin, who died in Grand Teton National Park several months ago.

The National Park Service said in late June that Mr. McLaughlin, 27, was spotted on a sidewalk near Taggart Lake on June 8. The trail of the climb of Mr. McLaughlin, who is thought to be from Ireland, was unknown.

The first statement of the missing persons described Mr. McLaughlin as the latter wore a short-sleeved shirt, red wards, shorts, a bucket hat and sunglasses around it, park officials said, adding that he had a visible tattoo on his left arm.

Mr McLaughlin’s search operation has included more than 40 park personnel, five search and rescue dog teams, members of the Teton County Search and Rescue and Teton Interagency Helicopter.

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