NYC Bans Revel Mopeds on Queensboro and Manhattan Bridges

Revels shared moped users are no longer allowed to drive over the Queensboro and Manhattan bridges, according to the company and the city’s Ministry of Transport.

Revel notified its customers of the change late last week and reversed a policy introduced in July that allowed drivers who had traveled more than 25 miles on their mopeds to “unlock” the ability to cross the two bridges.

A DOT spokesman said it was the city that put the Kibosh on the bridge crossings for “safety reasons”, particularly in connection with the “illegal use of the bike paths”.

The mopeds are going too fast for the bike lanes and too slow for regular traffic, which is a serious problem, the DOT said.

“The speed limit on these two spans is 35 miles per hour, the traffic sometimes moves faster and there are no hard shoulders on the spans,” said agency spokesman Brian Zumhagen. “Since a Revel moped cannot go faster than 45 km / h, there is a risk of accidents with faster moving cars.”

Zumhagen said the DOT “asked Revel to repeal the policy and they obeyed”.

In the summer of 2020, city traffic officials clashed with the company when three of its moped drivers suffered fatal accidents within 10 days.

Back then, DOT urged Revel to take its vehicles off the city streets for a month and only eventually allowed their return after the company implemented new safety protocols, including requiring customers to take a photo of themselves with one before driving Have to make a helmet.

According to DOT, the bridge ban is due to “safety concerns” with mopeds.
Christopher Sadowski

Revel also stopped using its mopeds between midnight and 5 a.m. – times when its data showed a higher accident rate.

The point promised in August 2020 that it would would “create a more formalized set of regulatory requirements for Revel or any other common moped system that wants to come into town”. Meanwhile, another company, Lime, launched his own local “moped share”.

POINT Still has to Issue or propose regulatory guidelines for the vehicles.


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