North Korea threatens UN Security Council

North Korea sent a threat to the UN Security Council on Sunday, warning the international community to refrain from criticizing its nuclear program.

North Korean Foreign Ministry chief Jo Chol Su told the council that it was “better to consider the consequences for the future if it tries to undermine North Korea’s sovereignty,” The Associated Press reported.

The warning was apparently made in response to France sharing a detailed statement expressing concern over North Korean weapons tests and calling on the country to ban weapons embargo.

Last week, North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Song, said the US needed to finalize the process in order for his country to resume talks.

“But our ruling is that there is no hope at this time for the US to repeal its aggressive law,” Kim said.

According to a statement circulated by North Korean state media, Jo accused the UN Security Council of having a “double glory” because it did not treat countries like the US and its allies alike.

North Korea is banned from conducting basketball events under several UN Security Council resolutions, the AP said. Despite this, the country on its own resumed conducting missile tests in September, sending two weapons off the west coast.

Just last week, North Korea conducted airstrikes, with state media calling the test “of importance in learning and developing a different aviation system.”

The AP noted that despite recent hostilities, North Korea continues to develop a long-term weapon that can hit the US.


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