North Korea is burning a new fire in a recent test, the state media says

It was North Korea’s second most recognizable weapon this week after launching a previously unseen weapon on Tuesday. It also fired bloistic missiles, and a nuclear-powered submarine in recent weeks.

The tests confirm North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal, raising targets to force it to give up its nuclear and missile programs to reverse US aggression.

The Academy of Defense Sciences, a manufacturer of North Korean military weapons, said the test was aimed at strengthening the functioning of the first weapon, radar, full-fledged car commander and combat operations, according to the KCNA news agency.

It has added a weapon with new technologies like twin control and dual speed engine.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seems unlikely to attend the test, which was overseen by Pak Jong Chon, a member of the ruling Workers’ Party’s powerful politburo and Central Committee.

“The spectacular display of the new anti-aircraft interference with the rapid response and adequate control of the controller system as well as the significant increase in the distance to reduce air traffic,” said KCNA, citing the school.

North Korea says it has tested a hypersonic weapon.  If true, it could change the military alliance of eastern Asia

Pyongyang said in recent weeks that weapons tests were designed to boost defense capabilities just like others, accusing the US and South Korea of ​​”double” and “cruel law” on them.

On Wednesday, Kim said he had no reason to attack South Korea and wanted to reopen the forts cut off between Korea next month. But he criticized the US administration, Joe Biden, for using “smart and sharp” methods in enforcing bad law while negotiating negotiations.

Analysts say the north and logistical path is aimed at preserving globalization as a world of nuclear weapons and leading between two allies, with an eye on South Korean President Moon Jae — in a bid for a legacy of cooperation before his term expires. in May.

Biden’s leaders said they had no intention of hating North Korea and called on Pyongyang to accept its talks to end nuclear talks.


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