Newsom says global drug prevention in schools is ‘on the table’

California Governor Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that power needs to be done to prevent the coronavirus “on the table” of students aged 12 and up and his office is discussing it with school districts across the state.

“We are working closely with their staff to understand the challenges and obstacles,” Newsom told reporters, according to Sacramento Bee. “There are issues that we are working on that are specific and resolved by the district. And so we are in the process of judging a major focus, as we said at the table, but there is no announcement to be made today.”

Newsom issued an official statement last month requiring teachers to inject or take coronavirus tests as well as a global system for students and teachers.

FILE – On this September 14, 2021, file, California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks in San Francisco. Newsom said Tuesday needed energy to prevent the coronavirus “on the table” of students aged 12 and up and their office is negotiating with school districts across the state. (AP Photo / Jeff Chiu, Faira)
(AP Photo / Jeff Chiu, Faira)


California prescribes a number of student vaccines, including diphtheria, smallpox, measles, mumps and rubella and hepatitis B.

California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghalysaid in a statement said the country was looking at how the Los Angeles Unified School District vaccine for students at a distance by 12 is producing and “understanding what it means for students and families alike, staff, and seeing other courts take the same approach.”

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The Oakland Joint School District also voted in favor of 12 children and up, Bees reported.

Newsom’s office sent Fox News to its press conference following a request for comment.

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