New Video Shows Van-Lifer Gabby Petito Tells Police Boy Brian Laundrie Beats Him

Gabby Petito told police that her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, beat her up a few weeks before her disappearance, according to photos released by the camera. The 22-year-old “van life” blogger told police on August 12 after witnesses called 911 on the pair during the fight. In a previously released bodycam video, he simply stated that he had beaten Laundrie and taken war charges. “Did he hit you?” the chief asks in a new video. He replies, “I guess, yes. But I started hitting him… He wants to touch me with his nail, and I guess that’s why it looks, I’ve got a cut here. I can feel it, when I touch it it’s possible.” Laundrie later told a police officer, ” His cell phone is in his possession. legally, although she has since disappeared from a recent appearance in Florida.The couple initially embarked on a cross-country trip in Petito’s car, but only Laundrie returned.He has not yet spoken to authorities about what happened to her boyfriend.

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