Mysterious Illinois Grad Student Jail Death Day Increases ‘Missing Organizations’ Report

From hitting the hashtags to circulating an online campaign to increase media coverage, social media users are looking for a response to Jelani Day, a 25-year-old black graduate student who died in August before bathing in the river last week.

The case took a turn for the worse last week when that Chicago Sun-Time claimed to be independent of the disease, sent by the family, found that some parts of the Sun and other body parts were missing, apparently contrary to the official appearance. Although Sun’s family did not openly state the controversy, her mother made it clear on Monday that members of the Sun were not missing – but she imagined the dirty play and was outraged by the lack of radio.

“[M]y son did not put himself in a river, ”she said in a statement.

Day was a graduate of Illinois State University, where he was pursuing a medical degree in speech therapy. He was pronounced dead on August 24 after not attending classes for several days. The morning before his death, he was taken under medical examination and taken to Bloomington Hospital. On August 26, his car was found about 60 miles outside of Bloomington. His body was found “floating along the southern banks of the Illinois River” on September 4, according to Chicago’s corner-area, but it was not known until September 23 because of its condition.

The LaSalle County coroner said members of the Sun had rotted because of the length of time his body was submerged in water. No reason or death penalty was given.

But the family’s lawyer, Hallie Bezner, said they were looking into other reasons why the body did not grow as it did. Depends on Day-Time, a family autopsy study found that Sun’s jaw may have been “cut out,” and the brain, liver, pancreas, and eyes were missing. The statement did not see any cause or cause of death again.

“No members were missing … There was a discrepancy from the first autopsy compared to the second independent surgery, but this is not a matter of harvesting organs,” Sun’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, said in a statement Monday at Chicago Fox jointly.

He added, “My son was killed and my goal and purpose is to find out what happened by catching those guilty !!!”

At the funeral on October 10, he said, “The journey does not end here. I am just getting ready to lay Jelani to rest. But I cannot rest because I do not know what happened to him.”

Social media has raised the heat from the memorial, with some criticizing the lack of media in comparison to the disappearance of Gabby Petito in Wyoming.

“Sun’s mother has been urging the media to pay for her son’s case in the same way that it was paid to Gabby Petito, and has been concerned that officials have been dragging their feet to investigate her son’s disappearance,” said an Instagram user.

“[Carmen Day] says the issue of the absence of white women and not black is disgusting, ”journalist Roland Martin said on Instagram.

“An experience that brings me back to learning about Emmetmet Till,” a Twitter user @SwoleWorld he wrote. “I can’t believe this is still happening, I better not want to believe. I have no idea what it would take to heal wounds like this but I am silently clinging to peace and true justice. Rest in Power Jail Day. ”

The FBI Behavioral Unit has begun an investigation in addition to the LaSalle County Sheriff’s investigation.


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