Mondelez CMO defends calling market plan ‘humaning’

CHICAGO: Mondelez International CMO Martin Renaud is defending the company’s decision to call its new marketing strategy “humaning,” despite criticism on social media.

The company defines the individual as a “unique, customer -focused approach to marketing, to build real relationships with people, to drive Mondelez International beyond precautions, drive data and identify content. it unites us all. ”

The company also said it is no longer marketing to customers, but building relationships with people. It was also noted, “the person who has the time makes stories and stories.”

Journalists, PR pros and marketers posted Mondelez’s announcement on Twitter this week, mocking the use of the word “humaning.”

However, the food company’s high -end market share remains with the term.

“There’s a lot beyond one word and I understand that this word can sometimes be seen as a word and people ask,‘ Why did they do that? ’” Renaud tells PRWeek. “I thought it was going to happen in a way because I want my team and partners to stop and think about what we’ve achieved so far and where we want to accelerate our journey. I love that the fact that people are thinking, ‘Why did you create a word?’ ”

Renaud added that he understands that without knowing the meaning behind the word “humaning,” it can seem “quite different.” But he doesn’t care what the critics say.

“I want an invitation to talk about this depth,” he said. “I hope the criticism is more, ‘Let’s understand what those things mean and happen together.’ I really enjoy learning from others. It’s a two-way conversation I love to have. ”

Renaud noted that while Ogilvy supported Mondelez in this effort, his team always worked inward to understand “who we are and where we want to be good.”

He also said, the company has decided, now is the time to launch in its next vision because it has achieved what it planned to do when it started a growth plans in 2018. At that point, Mondelez decided to move away from mindfulness in a mind-blowing financial position to a consumer-centric one.

Mondelez accelerated his digital journey, spent more money on advertising and started direct marketing, and came up with a new way of building brands, Renaud said.

“We started thinking: What makes our genres and groups unique?” she said. “The important thing for me is not to be different in the world but just to be unique in the world. It’s to make sure we’re doing the right marketing for the parts we’re in. ”

A recent study by Mondelez found that snacks help consumers connect.

“We all have these hard communication stories and we’re going to open our labels If we can really capture those things for our species,” Renaud said. “That’s where this idea for connecting with people and connecting with people came from and that’s how we came to“ humaning. “

The four key components of a marketing team are: Leading with intent, making all products “right,” managing creativity and being number one.

“This is the beginning of a journey,” Renaud said. “It’s just an agreement that we’re a team [focus on these areas] it helps us effectively communicate our brands and our customers to better respond to their needs and drive more results. “

Recent efforts from Mondelez brands around the world include the promotion of Oreo’s #ProudParent status, celebrating families of any kind as a partner of the National PFLAG; and Cadbury Dairy Milk UK’s Give Your Words struggle, hope to meet with single brothers.

In India, Cadbury Dairy Milk was present showing his appreciation to the staff needed during the illness by changing the logo on his chocolate bars with the word “thank you” printed in seven languages. Proceeds from the sale of the “thank you” bond helped provide medical insurance for 17,000 needed employees in partnership with private organizations.

Mondelez International net income Q3 was $ 1.1 billion, down 22% from Q3 2019. Sales were $ 6.7 billion, up 4.9% from a year ago.

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