Mitch McConnell is stubborn-handed Trump as former president is calling for his removal

Sen. Mitch McConnell has a strong weapon Mr. Donald Trump has always been since the president left the White House, ignoring his policies and contemptuously trying to oust him as minority leader.

This week, Kentucky Republicans reached an agreement with the Senate Democrats to temporarily raise debt over Trump’s opposition and call for his replacement as the highest-ranking official, a position he holds for nearly 15 years. That is part of a pattern that has repeated itself since the defeat of the former president last November. Mr. Trump forces McConnell to support or oppose a new constitution or to take a different approach, and a minority leader despises it.

Mr. Trump recently increased his anger with McConnell by advocating for his removal from the senate minority. “Mitch isn’t a guy, not a real guy, he’s not doing a job,” he told Sean Hannity of Fox News. McConnell’s performance has been the same – no action; and not even with the slightest hint of change of leadership his way of satisfying the former president happens to remain a major supporter among Republican voters.

“McConnell has one goal: to help Republicans regain control of the Senate with the aim of furthering Republican goals and undermining the Democratic system,” said Scott Jennings, a Republican staffer in Louisville and McConnell’s longtime adviser. “Mr. Trump seeks out public relations [gambit] to the next; “McConnell plays a long game where there are political and social goals at the end of the trip.”

McConnell and Trump argued from time to time during the 55-year presidency but usually obtained approval on major issues with appointments to the executive branch and the federal court. But their relationship escalated as Mr. Trump lost his second term in office to President Joe Biden and McConnell refused to join the false claims that the 2020 election was rigged and knew the regime was coming. They have just been separated from each other since then.


In the younger days of Trump’s presidency, McConnell became a vocal critic of the administration, although he voted against him on a single charge accusing him of plotting to overthrow the United States Capitol by his supporters overnight in January. Months later, when Mr. Trump issued a series of scathing denunciations against McConnell and gave him marching instructions on how to handle the Biden program, the Kentuckians gave him a cold shoulder.

McConnell, aged 89, did not respond, and did not respond to any allegations made against the former president.

The move – despite crushing Trump’s leadership of about 20 Republicans in alliance with the Senate Democrats to support Biden’s $ 1 trillion infrastructure package or agree to give full GOP votes over two months, $ 480 million in debt – has helped the seventh-term senator maintain confidence and support. the Republicans he leads, some of Trump’s strongest supporters. Some are making it clear that they are seeking the presidency in 2024.

“Obviously, Mitch did the reading, I think in the right way, that the way he treated Mr. Trump was to open the page,” said a Republican senator, requesting anonymity to state clearly. “The idea of ​​someone fighting Mitch is real.”

To explain an important reason why Trump’s call to remove McConnell from office was ignored, the Republican likened the minority leader to the Rep. No. 3 position position as House GOP chair of the meeting for that purpose. In other words, McConnell did not make his conflict with Trump a problem for his members.

“He may also feel a lot more about Trump, if not more than Cheney, but he knows the smart way to do it is not to talk,” the senator said. “Mitch has just been severely punished. Once you’re in leadership, you don’t want to be the issue. ”

McConnell occasionally comes to a friendly fire for his choices and did so again after agreeing to an agreement with Senate Majority President Charles Schumer of New York to allow a temporary increase in debt tax. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a close friend of Trump’s, complained that McConnell had returned under pressure after stating that from mid-summer there would be no GOP votes to increase the US Government’s ability to borrow money.

“Here’s our problem as Republicans: We said in two months we would do one thing, in the end we did another,” the South Carolina Republican said in a statement to the Senate. “I think it matters to people who listen to us – and have faith in us.”

But over the years, despite some shortcomings, McConnell often refuses to make or plan a way out without first talking about the issues with individual Republican senators taking their interests into account. This means that, no matter how much the GOP votes move on a particular piece of legislation or parliamentary practice, it is likely that McConnell’s advice has been blessed by many of his constituents.

“He’s not pulling people to be angry and shout at something,” the Republican lobbyist said. “He’s making decisions based on a lot of discussion. That’s the key.”

Ironically, one high-profile case in recent years in which McConnell did not first ask his members what they wanted was his decision to suspend Merrick Garland’s election to the Supreme Court by then-President Barack Obama.


Immediately after the death of Guardian Antonin Scalia in early 2016, McConnell announced that Garland, now the US attorney general, would not accept a hearing on the Judiciary Committee, let alone a vote in the Senate. But, McConnell said voters should decide who will appoint his successor according to their presidential election between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton next November.

The free movement by McConnell, then president, was later recognized by the people of the Senate Republicans. In the end, it was also a great boost to Trump’s hopes.

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