Minnesota Climate: Extreme Thunderstorms to West-Central Minnesota – WCCO

UPDATE (7:29 pm): Extreme thunderstorm warnings are in effect at Grant, Otter Tail and Wilkin courts until 8:30 p.m.

The National Weather Service says a hurricane is moving 50 miles west-central Minnesota, threatening 60 mph winds and hailstorms.

UPDATE (7:21 pm): Extreme thunderstorms are occurring in parts of Big Stone, Lac qui Parle, Traverse, Stevens and Swift districts until 8 p.m.

LIFE (6:59): Warning about Tornado is active on the Rock and Traverse sections until 7:30 p.m.

UPDATE (6:43 pm): Most of midwest-central Minnesota is currently under intense thunderstorms until 2 am Sunday.

The affected areas are: Becker, Cass, Chippewa, Crow Wing, Douglas, Grant, Hubbard, Kandiyohi, Lac qui Parle, Meeker, Morrison, Otter Tail, Pope, Renville, Stearns, Stevens, Swift, Todd and Wadena.

Climate expert Chris Shaffer says the biggest problem from the storms is hurricanes and hailstorms. Separate storms can also.

Forecasters predict that the hurricane will weaken as it sweeps through the interior of Minnesota until late in the evening. The system is expected to be located north of Minnesota, bringing water as well as a possible storm in the area on Sunday.

UPDATE (6:18 pm): A powerful thunderous warning was given in parts of the Great Rock and Traverse until 7:15 p.m.

The National Weather Service says hurricanes threaten hail, hurricane winds of up to 60 mph and potentially a hurricane.

LIFE (3:20 pm): A focus on the loud thunder was given to the western-central regions of Minnesota.

According to the National Weather Service, the regions under this watch are Big Stone, Traverse, and Wilkin. The clock is set to last until 10 p.m.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Saturday begins with sunshine and warmth, but there will be an opportunity for climate change in the western state of the evening.

The highest temperature is estimated at 78 degrees in the Twin Cities region. The morning will see more sun – especially in the middle of southern Minnesota – but the clouds will grow in the afternoon.

In western Minnesota, after the onset of heavy rains in the afternoon, there will be little chance of severe weather starting at 8 p.m. Wete meteorologist WCCO Katie Steiner says there is a chance of strong winds and heavy hail until midnight in places like Alexandria and Brainerd.

Credit: CBS

The temperature will be around 63 degrees at night, which is quite warm at this time of year. Now, a 70-degree climb is possible in the Twin Cities on Sunday.

Credit: CBS

There is a chance for rain colors on Sunday, especially in central Minnesota. After that, the rain should come out by mid-week. Wednesday could see more thunderstorms, and by Thursday, the temperature must have been cooler and closer to the center.


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