Memphis school shooting: 1 student shot by another elementary school student, speculation in jail

The deputy head of the Memphis Police Department, Don Crowe, told reporters during a news conference that a 13-year-old man had been arrested in hospital but was in a critical condition at a local children’s hospital.

No other injuries were reported and no arrests were made, police said.

Crowe said the plaintiff turned himself in to the local police station after fleeing and is in custody.

No motive has been announced yet but Crowe said a “thorough investigation” is underway.

Depends on the Memphis Police department, Offices responded with a shot at 10:15 am ET and found a young boy arrested.

“Offices are illuminating the building. Students and student members are being taken to the exhibition center,” said the MPD.

Yes Shelby County High School confirmed that he was aware of the shooting and said the school remains locked.


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