McConnell renews his partnership with Biden – with a sharp word of credit

The letter, presented to the White House on Monday, reiterates Biden’s debt crisis is growing at an early age. McConnell summarized the situation this way: “The presidential party had to take on political responsibility for its opposition. Your opinion is our opinion now. ”

The President of the Senate GOP jointly helped prevent the financial crisis several times when Biden was vice president because of their long-standing relationship and trust. But the two are not even talking to each other as Congress is approaching a dangerous war over debt. Monday’s missed speech and Biden’s comments on debt on the roof on Monday culminate in their first talks on the worst final congressional meeting to be held this year.

The two leaders have been proud of each other for years over their close working relationships. When Biden fought for president, he acted as the leader who could negotiate with McConnell always stubbornly. And a few months ago, McConnell shocked the whole of Washington by backing the Biden deal.

Now, at a very difficult time, the two are not even trying to communicate. McConnell wrote to Biden that Senate Majority President Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reluctance to limit the debt and party lines “is not a reason. It’s just a complaint.”

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), A close friend of Biden, said McConnell’s position “should remain in the presidential race. This is a long-standing practice.

The president is due to deliver a speech on Monday morning on the importance of raising debt after a McConnell meeting blocked a request to do so last week. The Kentucky Republican, on the other hand, says he does not take it personally that he and Biden do not see each other.

“The reason we don’t talk so much is because of what they are trying to do. I’m not offended by it. We have nothing to speak about right now. He has busy hands, with Manchin, and Sinema, ”McConnell said in a previous interview, referring to the negotiations on Biden’s investment plan. “This does not mean that we are friendly. It’s just that there is no business to do with them right now. “

As for whether Biden had taken the phone to call McConnell on the roof of the credit, he replied: “No. And I don’t like that.”

As he looks to save on home spending and tax plans, Biden backed Schumer, who says he is not just raising debt with Democratic votes through a budget reconciliation plan, according to McConnell. Democrats say it takes a long time and that GOP should not just film.

But in doing so, Biden’s price target for social spending has taken a toll from the $ 300 million demanded by Democratic leaders.

At the moment, it is impossible to predict who will shine in a fixed debt. The country could rush to the brink of disaster in the coming weeks as mid-October the deadline for raising the debt on the roof is imminent.

“I do not understand what McConnell is trying to convey at the moment,” Coons added, referring to the GOP leader’s reluctance to allow a majority of votes instead of a difficult budget reconciliation approach. “I don’t know if our leader will be able to oust him.”

As the leaders of Biden and the Democrats watch the government’s growing and transformative spending on health, education and climate change, McConnell is making a risky bet that Democrats will be forced to spend more time with Biden as borrowing time approaches. This will happen in just two weeks, according to Finance Secretary Janet Yellen. Raising the lending limit through reconciliation would take Congress at least a week, according to budget experts.

The Senate president of the minority group worked together to prevent shortages in 2010 and to prevent the 2012 financial crisis, when the tax was cut. But unlike previous strikes, McConnell and his Republican counterparts do not have the legal points they need to make as a standstill. But, the GOP wants Biden and Democrats to abandon their move to increase security nets, raise taxes for the rich and take action on climate change.

Biden reached out to Republicans more than McConnell; called Sen. Susan Collins last week to congratulate Mainer on his successful initiative to help victims of the power-attack. But he said they did not even talk about borrowing money.

“Republicans would vote to waive debt until the end of next year if the president leaves the $ 3.5 trillion plan [bill], ”Collins said in an interview.

The leaders of Biden, for its part, sent Yellen a phone call to McConnell on September 15 to reconsider the economic price that may have gone wrong. Leaders of telephone operators described it as respectful but acknowledged that it seemed impossible for a minority leader.

There is further uncertainty within the White House that McConnell and Senate Republicans will change their position. Even so, the White House is trying to elevate the public by pressuring them with Monday’s speech.

And Democrats say Biden will have to try to move McConnell at some point, no matter what the Kentuckian looks like. Through his campaign of McConnell’s petition and others affiliated with the GOP, Biden built a brand as someone who could speak to Republicans.

“If there’s anyone who can make McConnell do well, it could be Biden,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.). “You might say, ‘Hey, what’s this? You all vote against it, but don’t write it down. ‘”

That is exactly what Schumer tried earlier last week when he urged all Democrats to vote to raise the debt by a majority of votes. But that required the consent of all senators. And McConnell did not give up.

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