Matthews Marketing Consultant has introduced Unconventional Consultant, dedicated to assisting CMOs, to develop expertise, Improve working life.

Study Show CMOs the Highest Comparable Rate of Anyone in the C-Suite1

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2021 / Matthews Marketing Consultancy, LLC (MMC), an independent marketing consulting group, today announced the launch of its unique marketing consulting firm providing specialized marketing guidelines and professional marketing solutions to drive growth and achieve customer goals. With in-depth agency and type-based office marketing consultants and senior-level market leaders in multiple industries, MMC Principal Michael Matthews brings a wealth of experience and collaboration methods to companies looking for a new perspectives on these business ventures. MMC acts as a test partner to promote team collaboration to connect the public with a wide range of marketing efforts to demonstrate strong results.

A talented model, innovator, and storyteller at his heart, Matthews has led a number of marketing teams in his 20+ years for a wide range of brands and customers including Allstate , General Motors, Amtrak, Chevrolet, and more. Through his in -depth experience in a wide range of industries including travel, hospitality, tourism, automotive, healthcare, retail, insurance, franchise, and foreign travel, he recognized the unmet demand. High-level market managers are looking for senior-level experience to help guide the development of their marketing strategies. MMC hopes to fill this gap.

“Developing how to market is a very important part of the marketing plan. But it’s also a very difficult thing to develop for a lot of marketers,” Matthews explains. “The concept of marketing and if developed properly, becomes the basis on which to follow the whole plan. Marketing is not planned in this way, but the key to success. We help to practice; to be taken by the CMO The Thanksgiving. “

Matthews Marketing Consultancy (MMC) will support CMOs with efforts to align their focus on product pieces and measure results as part of the marketing strategy. Emphasis will be placed on presenting the results to the CEO, while showing how the economy is affected by revenue. MMC will facilitate the development of the modeling platform in order to demonstrate progressive success.

MMC has planned eight product-service offerings ranging from the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy to the development of a specific part of the plan. MMC can help CMOs when they are in a crunch time, or audit marketing plans for key areas first before the big show. The MMC can also serve as a model, prepare well for loyalty, assist in test meetings, or serve as a temporary CMO. Help CMOs and their teams achieve work-life-balance of the common thread that connects all MMC’s offerings.

According to a recent study, the average CMO in the US stays in the job for just 4.1 years, that’s half the average term for a CEO in eight years, and less than a CFO, CIO, and chief HR officer (CHRO ). With statistics in mind, MMC writes similarities between business success and work-life-balance and CMOs ’longevity jobs, emphasizing the importance of supporting senior market management while appointed to they are a professional. MMC is ready to work behind the scenes to ensure that the client gets the credit and is able to demonstrate the value proposition to the company. Matthews said, “Our goal is to help CMOs be more successful than when they were working, while improving their jobs and lives.”

Amy Graham’s marketing team has joined the MMC team and served as Vice President of the Banking Authority. A ‘mompreneur’ who has built two successful businesses while raising three wonderful children over the past 20 years, Amy has proven to solve problems in ways only a mother can.

With roots in marketing and advertising, Graham has previously led trailblazing programs for high-profile government customers including Allstate and is well versed in digital advertising. “As the managing director of MMC, I can promise you, my main goal is to make you, my client, succeed in business, and have you make it to children’s games in weekends, ”Graham says.

For more information on Matthews Marketing Consultancy, contact Michael Matthews at or 773.368.7272.

About Matthews Marketing Consultancy

Matthews Marketing Consultancy is redefining the promotion of professional advertising with an unconventional approach to providing a narrow service. MMC is here to help you, the CMO, develop the marketing expertise maintaining a balanced work-life balance for you and the team. Visit Matthews Marketing Consultants on their website and schedule a consultation meeting, sign up for blog posts, and monthly announcements:

1. Harvard Business Review. Source: CMO Impact Study, 2014 – and 2015, by Kimberly A. Whitler. From the & ldquo; Why CMOs Don’t Fail, & rdquo; by Kimberly A. Whitler and Neil Morgan, July-August 2017. Survey conducted by Korn Ferry July 2017 as well as 2019. CMOs have the highest total revenue in the C-suite. According to a study by Korn Ferry, they stay in office for 4.1 years on average, while CEOs have an average of 8 years; CFOs, 5.1 years; CHROs, 5 years; and CIOs, 4.3 years. Our own research suggests that the results of the problem may be even worse: We found that 57% of CMOs had been in their positions for three years or less (Kimberly A. Whitler and Neil Morgan). Example: Korn Ferry details the years and times of C-suite members (CEO, CFO, CIO / CTO, CMO, CHRO) at 1,000 large U.S. companies by revenue generated at the end of 2019 .

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