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Mike Michalowicz is a writer, speaker, and founder of Profit First Professionals. He works with small business owners and finance professionals to help them differentiate themselves in the market and attract more customers. Mike has written many business books, including Win first, The toilet paper entrepreneur, and The pumpkin plan. His latest book, Get different provides a simple system for creating marketing strategies that get noticed and get results.

John Lawson is bestselling author and CEO of ColderICE Media, which helps small businesses sell and market online. He has sold millions of dollars in e-commerce goods and earned the status of Top Rated Amazon Retailer, Platinum eBay PowerSeller, and Small Business Influencer of the Year. John is a regular speaker on e-commerce and social media marketing and is recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in SMB marketing.

In today’s episode, Mike and John share their extensive marketing and e-commerce expertise. They share why the pandemic led to a small boom in business startups and why tracking the latest social media trends is ineffective. They show how you identify and get in contact with the perfect customer and which important decisions have to be made for marketing. Mike also shares the three crucial elements of effective marketing, and John points out the most common mistakes people make regarding their sales platform advertising.

“Different” is perceived. Don’t be better because the customer won’t see it – pursue ‘differently’. ”- Mike Michalowicz

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This week on the SmallBizChat podcast:

  • Why the pandemic is triggering an entrepreneurial boom
  • Why chasing the latest social media trends doesn’t work
  • How marketing communication has changed as a result of the pandemic
  • How e-commerce will increase in the future
  • This is how you collect the important information you need to get in touch with your ideal customer
  • The crucial decisions you need to make for your company at every stage of marketing
  • Selling on your website versus selling on a marketplace
  • Questioning the need to buy ads to sell online
  • How to evaluate your marketing ideas
  • The three crucial elements of effective marketing
  • This is how you can tell when an ad has expired
  • Common mistakes people make when marketing on sales platforms

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