Marketing efforts at Tony’s Body Rental stores

Tony ma Isabel Flores open Body Shop in Oxnard, CA, in 1965. Considered to be hard workers by their friends and family, the couple taught their children good manners from an early age.

La la tama, Jay, found they were struggling financially and started working in the small mom-and-pop store after graduating from college. The family now runs a business with her husband, Evelyn, their children, Jayson, Jaycob ma Jasmine, Jay’s older brother, Maria, and his cousin, Adrian.

The family business is located about two miles from where it first opened more than 50 years ago, and the Floreses pride themselves on providing a quality rehabilitation facility to residents. purchase by following OEM procedures.

Autobody News talks to Jay about the challenges facing small businesses and the success of Tony’s Body Shop through its marketing efforts.

Tony’s Body Shop is located in Oxnard, CA, about two miles from where it first opened more than 50 years ago.

What are the challenges currently facing small businesses?

One of the biggest problems I see at work is that business owners don’t really understand finances and they know if the ship is sinking or floating. They don’t understand their real operating costs so they may give the farm but also don’t know.

20 years ago, I joined the AkzoNobel Acoat Select programs to learn about finance. I learned about profit and loss information, balance sheet and writing a business plan and marketing plan. The program helped me a lot and I am still a part of it to this day. It allows me to meet with others who own stores and talk about what’s going on with the industry so I know what I need to do to stay current.

I also participated in 3M ARMS class, a parent class talked about …


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