Marine, who has criticized the military for Afghanistan’s removal to admit its guilt in court, the lawyer says

That Marine captain Video footage criticizing military leaders over US withdrawal from Afghanistan went viral He is expected to plead guilty in court this week, his lawyer said.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller is facing a number of charges before a court set up by China at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. It includes disrespect for the elders who have been appointed to office, deliberately disobeying the authority that was given to an elder, and being disrespectful to an elder and a man.

One of Scheller’s lawyers, Timothy Parlatore, confirmed to CBS News that his client would admit his guilt, but did not say what charges Scheller would admit, as the information is still pending.

As part of the petition agreement, Scheller is looking forward to an honorable release or a full release under the prestigious conditions, as well as a letter of reprimand, Parlatore said.

Coffee or Die Magazine and The Washington Post were the first to talk about the request agreement.

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

Scheller posted the video on social media following A bomb blast killed members of the US 13 and more than a hundred Afghans in Kabul. Still wearing a uniform, he criticized the leadership of the authorities in the Afghanistan movement.

“People are angry because their leaders have let them down and none of them are raising their hands in acceptance of the responsibility saying ‘we made this mistake,'” Scheller said in the video.

He criticized Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley for shutting down Bagram Air Base, the first US military base in Afghanistan, and for anticipating the collapse of the Afghan National Security Forces.

Scheller felt compelled to speak out loudly, as Parlatore said.

“He would be a total fraud if he did not plead guilty because if you want to be held accountable from others, you must stand up and accept responsibility,” Parlatore told CBS News.

In the wake of the video, Scheller was released from work by the Marine Corps. He was the commander-in-chief of the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, based in Camp Lejeune.

Scheller was detained in a pre-trial jail in Brig Lejeune for about a week, but was released earlier this month.

A spokesman for the Marine Corps Training and Training Command told CBS News that they could not comment on issues involving court proceedings.


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