Manchin and Style are deeply in contention over the Biden agenda

Among the red flags. Cinema has shown that there has been a “breach of trust” following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s move to vote on a building bill earlier this month after she promised her house would cast her final vote on the scale, said one journalist.

But Pelosi and Biden were forced to reconsider and block the building plan after protesters refused to give the required votes as they wanted the Movie and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin joins the rest of the Senate Democratic Caucus to get through the party’s great security. net and weather first.

But Sinema and Manchin both revealed this week that they had disagreements with their party over some of the big issues, a clear indication that the Democratic leadership’s goal of passing all the bills and their commitment on October 31 time seems uncertain. forever.

In a phone call to a small group of Democrats this week, either Cinema or Manchin backed the $ 1.9 trillion- $ 2.2 trillion price that Biden flowed secretly as the highest number, saying they had not yet seen information from the White House on such a statement – even as progress has been made. very inclusive of their values ​​from the initial plan of $ 3.5 trillion. The 10-year plan shows a major step forward in the Democrats’ drive to increase education, health and support for child protection, address climate change and conduct more planting in buildings.

Sinema said he and Manchin told Biden they “could not guarantee” that they would get back even $ 200,000, as he reiterated that the building bill must first pass to advance the main program, said one of the authors.

The two senators said they believed their party should abandon some of the benefits offered in the larger package in order to lower the price, outlawing progressive individuals who want to maintain more programs but limit the number of years people will receive benefits. The senators indicated that they should focus on a few new programs in place.

In particular, Manchin raised concerns about the expansion of Medare’s organization including teeth, vision and hearing cover – something that Sen.Bernie Sanders, an independent in Vermont, fought for a red line for him and other advances.

Manchin made it clear that he was opposed to the newly paid families and the medical holiday that Democrats are trying to get into the bill raising his serious concerns over the plan to offer a free local course. As far as he is concerned, the West Virginia Democrat has also called for new benefits to be considered – a moderation for those with less money – a move rejected by many Democrats.

And it is likely to emerge as a major place of worship: Manchin has completely rejected calls from Democrats to include climate change measures – to control greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. They said the White House’s plan to cut off electricity during that time would not work.

“We’re in the middle of an electric power plant,” Manchin, from a coal mine, told his colleagues, said one of the protesters.

Manchin’s office declined to comment.

The Cinema office would not discuss what he said in private, but he denied that he was in talks with his colleagues this week – and with the President. His office sent CNN a Oct. 2 statement, in which he strongly criticized the House leaders’ move to abolish the real estate vote, saying: “I have never, and I will never agree on any agreement that would hold one law against another.

On Wednesday, Cinema supporters revealed that talks are underway with the White House and Senate President, many Chuck Schumer.

“So far this week, Sen. Sinema has held several phone calls – including President Biden, the White House team, the Sen Schumer team and other members of the Senate and the House – to continue discussions on the budget reconciliation plan.” , John LaBombard, said. “The talks are ongoing.”


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