Manchin and Sinema meet with Biden about reconciling bill concerns

Moderate Democrats Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema held a special meeting with President Biden at the White House on Tuesday, as the White House and a majority of Democrats raised $ 300 million to boost the economy.

Mr Biden – The first term of the full term in a major bill, which does not have Republican support and must be approved by budgeting. it is reconciled. This allows it to pass by 50 votes, instead of the 60 votes needed to pass Senate proceedings. Its end is in the hands of the two legislators, Sinema and Manchin, for the Senate is divided equally, 50-50.

Both senators said the bill was serious and should be passed to get their support.

Another thing: Developing households want the Senate to vote for a bigger bill first, or they will not support the $ 1.2 trillion building bill passed with the support of bipartisan in the Senate.

On Tuesday morning, the president canceled a trip scheduled for Wednesday to Chicago to discuss the ECOVID-19 vaccine, to stay in town working on infrastructure improvements and reconciliation bills.

Cinema, of Arizona, refused to answer questions about his meeting with the president when he returned to Capitol Hill. He spoke briefly to the public about what he wanted to see cut from the reconciliation bill, without realizing that its cost was too high. The cinema is set to hold a fundraiser on Tuesday by groups asking for businesses that violate the reconciliation law, according to the New York Times.

“I leave it up to them to say when they are comfortable in terms of high numbers, but the president felt it was constructive, they felt they put the ball forward, they felt there was an agreement that we are at a critical juncture,” White House journalist Jen Psaki said after the presidential and cinema meeting. and his West Virginia counterpart was gone.

Manchin also released shortly after his meeting with the president, saying it took 60 or 90 minutes.

“We are still working honestly,” Manchin said of the various meetings he held on the reconciliation bill.

But he expressed concern about some of the weather forecast in the bill, with the addition of Medicare.

“People who are currently receiving Medicare just want to make sure they get it, they will not be laid off by 2026, if it doesn’t, that’s their main concern,” he told reporters earlier this month.

At present, the reconciliation bill includes $ 150 billion in a “clean electricity system” that would pay utility companies to get their power back from renewable energy, a illustrated program. pure energy measurements is accepted by other countries. The West Virginia senator opposes the plan and said it would give the wrong money to donors.

“Change is happening,” Manchin told CNN earlier this month. “Now they want to pay companies to do what they are already doing. It doesn’t make sense to me at all to take billions of dollars and pay for the costs of what they will do as market change.”

The reconciliation measure also encourages the purchase of electricity and the construction of EV charging stations. That would provide tax deduction for homeowners who repair their homes; pay tribute to companies that build clean energy sauces; charging manufacturers of oil and gas at the drop of methane; help farmers reduce their carbon footprint by planting in the search for climate.

Manchin wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month demonstrating the use of trillions of dollars, pointing to concerns about the growth of resources and burdening future generations.

“I, for one, would not support the $ 3.5 trillion bill, or any near-level increase, without much clarity as to why Congress chooses to seriously ignore inflation and debt on existing government programs,” Manchin wrote.

– CBS News’ Alan Helped in this Report.


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