Los Angeles hostage drama: Armed suspect suspect dead, safe woman after SAT unit responds

Los Angeles police shot and killed a man with a shotgun and released the bond Friday after the man pointed his weapon at the victim’s head, police said.

LAPD officials were searching for a suspected pedestrian after he shot people in the town and tried to take a woman, officials said. Offices followed the suspect to the living room and saw what he was doing on the surveillance camera.

“They saw a prisoner in the hallway with a shotgun forcing a woman to come with him,” the department sent a tweet Friday night. “At that moment, we realized we were in a state of captivity. While LAPD staff outside the compound saw through the window, a prisoner holding a gun to the prisoner’s head.”

SWAT police then stormed the apartment building on the basis of “horrific acts of violence & fear that the prosecutor would kill the hostage.”

The suspect was shot dead by police at the scene. The prisoner was taken to hospital but his condition was not immediately known, police said.

The Witness allegedly recorded the incident from across the street and sent a video Twitter. The video shows the robber grabbing hold of him, and then showing the SWAT police on the march – with the sound of multiple gunshots.

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The department said police had previously responded to reports of an armed man suspected of committing the crime in the area allegedly including putting a gun to a man’s face and shooting – even a shotgun – and firing for 14 years. -grows within the business. The baby’s head was eaten, police said and he was taken to hospital with life-threatening wounds.

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