Long Beach, California, an 18-year-old woman has been shot by a high school principal for involvement in life support, the family says

Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez was shot by Millikan High School senior officer on September 27, after an altercation involving Rodriguez and a 15-year-old girl, according to the Long Beach Police department (LBPD).

“This afternoon an incident took place in the Spring Street and Palo Verde Avenue area. Preliminary information indicates that one of the officers of the Detention School released his uniform,” Millikan High School said in a statement posted on its website on the day of the shooting.

Speaking to CNN, the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD), which is currently investigating the investigation, said that by 3:12 pm on Monday, September 27, “LBPD offices responded in the Spring Street and Palo Verde Avenue areas accordingly.”

The head of the school security had responded to the “off-campus” incident, Chris Eftychiou, director of public information for the Long Beach Unified School District, told CNN in an email.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the head of the school security was driving when he saw an argument between an 18-year-old girl and a 15-year-old woman caught in the street,” the LBPD statement said.

Police said Rodriguez and two others involved in the altercation then tried to escape in a four-door sedan, when a school security officer approached the car and shot it as it sped off, hitting Rodriguez, who was in front of the passenger seat. Others in the car were a 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy, police said.

He watches and records the event

Lawyers for Rodriguez’s family say the driver was a friend of Rodriguez and the father of his five-month-old son, and another traveler at the time of the incident was his younger brother.

A video shot by a standing man, obtained by CNN, shows a police officer approaching a car on the side of a car and pulling out his weapon.

“I just want to do justice to my sister,” Rodriguez’s brother, Iran Rodriguez, said Friday. “He doesn’t deserve this, no one deserves this.”

The head of the school security was hired by the school on January 10 this year and had no “disciplinary issues or complaints lodged with him,” Eftychiou said.

The officer was placed on probation, awaiting the outcome of the investigation, Eftychiou confirmed to CNN. Eftychiou said school security personnel are employees of the district, not of the police department. He added that school security officers go for more than 600 hours of government training for peace, and the police have been aware of this, including gun training twice a year.

The city has ‘collapsed,’ the mayor says

Rodriguez’s family kept lawyer Luis A. Carrillo representing them. In a letter to California Attorney General Rob Bonta, Carrillo said the police’s actions “were negligent” and that Rodriguez was shot indiscriminately.

“The officer had no reason to use deadly force on Ms Rodriguez because Ms Rodriguez did not intimidate the police officer when she was shot by a police officer,” the letter said.

Rodriguez’s mother, Manuela Sahagun, told reporters Wednesday during a vigil for her daughter that her heart was “broken” and that she did not want any mother to go through what she was going through.

Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia said in a tweet that the city was “saddened” by the tragic incident.

“The city is saddened by the horrific and horrific shooting of Mona Rodriguez and the head of security at Long Beach School. We are praying for her family. Although this officer was not a city employee, we are working with the LA County DA to investigate,” Garcia said. ”

The purpose of the protest led to the investigation being investigated, the Long Beach Police Department confirmed to CNN. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will also be conducting an independent investigation into the incident, the LBPD said. The Long Beach Unified School District is joining LBPD in this study.

Rodriguez was not enrolled as a high school student, Eftychiou told CNN. But Eftychiou said he had previously enrolled in a school in the province.

Rodriguez is currently at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and is scheduled to be removed from life support this week, his family said Friday.

End-of-life protocol

Long Beach Medical Center told CNN it could not comment on Rodriguez’s position on HIPAA regulations but shared its end of life for patients considered brain dead.

“If a patient is said to have died of cerebral palsy, it means that the patient has a complete and permanent loss of brain function. The condition is irreversible, with no chance of recovery, and usually due to an accident injury or event.

“Under California law, two physicians must independently diagnose a patient and reach the same conclusion as the loss of brain function to notify a deceased patient by brain pathways.

Mona’s family said Friday their members would be given.

“Iran Rodriguez said in a press conference that his members will be given to those who need help, as he wishes,” a family statement shared by Carrillo.


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