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Join Chief Chairman Gen. Mark Milley described the four important days involved in the planning and execution of Afghanistan’s demolition and abolition, as his written statement was given by CNN on Wednesday.

Milley did not post comments on the camera.

Biden’s leadership has been criticized for not having a system ready to carry out military evacuation and deportation of US people and others. Milley pushed back the criticism by putting some of the key events in the planning around Afghanistan.

He watched for four days:

April 28: Top military leaders, including Milley, Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs, a US Central Command official and others have conducted Afghanistan Retrograde Rehearsal within the Department of Defense. This incident is aimed at the withdrawal of US troops.

“The main purpose of this study was to see the limited understanding of President Biden’s election from Afghanistan and to coordinate and coordinate the efforts of the DoD, our colleagues and colleagues,” Milley said.

May 8: All eligible Cabinet members held a joint negotiating table on military control.

“The event covered a series of ideas for the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and covered plans for various branches.

June 11: One month later, the Joint Staff held a high-level training table for non-combat evacuation operations (NEO), including officials from across the interagency. Officials reviewed the NEO’s “significant developments”, as well as what happened when the embassy closed, middle ground areas, and how to organize and evaluate survivors.

August 6: Officials set up a high-profile table to try to address the possibility of people leaving two different areas: one where the surrounding area presented additional problems with exits and the surrounding area made it extremely difficult.


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