Lauren Cho has been missing for June and search for answers is on the rise

The journey across the country came at the right time, friends say, because the plague was on him. The change in location was attractive and the 30-year-old was excited about the opportunity to work as a cook. His Instagram page is filled with his creative creations.

Cho, according to a friend named ‘El,’ was staying at an Airbnb home in the Yucca Valley, about two hours from Los Angeles and about 12 miles from Joshua Tree National Park, when he disappeared in late June.

He has never been seen or heard from there.

The world’s attention span to other missing stories has enhanced the interest in the mystery surrounding his disappearance and the intensified search.

Family and friends need answers. A spokesman for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department told CNN that it had searched several times in the past three months. But, despite the new interest in his story, they did not find any new guides. Here’s what we know.


The Sheriff’s Department said Cho’s ex-boyfriend reported missing three hours after his disappearance on June 28.

She was living at home in the Yucca Valley with friends, including her ex-boyfriend. Friends said he was “angry and possibly left the scene, leaving his belongings behind,” according to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

Cho is described as 5 inches in height, weighs 110 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a yellow T-shirt and jean shorts when he left home.

As the sheriff’s department and volunteers search the area, so do Its friends.

“We traveled thousands of miles and tirelessly went to the power stations and stuck the papers in the low desert, high desert,” said a friend, Jeff Frost. “We went out to San Diego because he said last week he disappeared that he just wanted to go to the beach.”

Analysts say the former boy “appeared to be mentally ill.”

Although the family told CNN they did not have an official statement, they set up a Facebook page to post information about the investigation and promote awareness. This page also urges the public to refrain from speculating on this issue and the mental health of Cho during his or her absence.
In recent weeks, law enforcement agencies have been scrutinized over the findings of Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. Cho was among the other people who disappeared this summer. But Cho’s family sent a statement in September saying the issues were different.

“We find that on top of that, the public information of these two cases is shared equally.

“The two issues are not the same and the differences occur in depth to what people see.”

Who is he?

Cho’s sister told CNN that Cho is a “powerful, firecracker” who is “creative” and “funny. “

“She is very caring, loving and loyal and a good friend,” said her friend Len Gherardi.

Prior to moving to California, Cho worked at Gardardi’s tattoo studio in Flemington, New Jersey.

“The idea was I was going to teach him to drill so he was my student,” Gherardi said. “

It’s been three months since anyone heard from Cho, and the family just needs information on his whereabouts. They keep posting on that Facebook page once a week.
“El a lot of things … a talented singer, an amazing cook, a funny and loyal friend, an amazing gift giver, and maybe a cooler sister than one might expect. But here’s what really shines El: satete,” the family said in a Facebook post last month. “

CNN’s Stephanie Becker contributed to this report.


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