Lauren Boebert knocks down Pelosi’s attempt to sell Biden’s agenda

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert urged spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi to hire temporary sellers to sell the president’s money on Tuesday ‘Fox News Primetime,’ arguing that “Americans are not buying” Biden’s “$ 5.5 trillion quick-to-get-offs.”

“Can you believe the courage he has to tell the American people you may even know what’s in it, but you like it?” Boebert asked in response to Pelosi’s statement that the media could do more to promote the Biden program.


Boebert argued that the reason why the media is not talking about Biden’s implementation plan is that “[Biden] is not talking about it. “” How often do you know the public appearance Sleep Joe has today to discuss the program? Zero. He had zero zero today and zero yesterday and zero yesterday, “he said.

“I have a plan for the president of today. At 8:45 am, he had a special meeting and also held a meeting at 10:15 am, and then called for a cap. What about spending money?” Everything under President Biden Tuesday was closed to the media.

President Biden’s price has been reduced to a year-down 38%, with a negative welcome of 53% recently Quinnipiac University survey – a worse vote than his predecessor to the Democratic Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency. The frustrating numbers come when managers face a number of domestic issues, including relocation, rising gas prices, and, more recently, sales deficits.

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“When President Trump passed his huge tribute to the American people, he was living on the Hill,” said Boebert, “and Biden is showing that from what we have all seen, he cannot lead. Sen. Sinema never returns his phone calls. That’s right.

Although the president is being ignored by his Democrat colleague, Boebert told guest Jesse Watters, that it was not the Democrats who were responsible for passing the bill, but members of his party. “Mark my words,” he said, “If these bills pass, it is because the weak Republicans clung to the Democrats.”

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