Latino business owners can now tag their Google profiles in a new partnership

In a new partnership with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Google will introduce a new attribute owned by Latinos in search, maps, and shopping. This will help identify them to customers who wish to patronize Latino-owned businesses.

Latino Attributes in Google Search, Maps, and Shopping

Regardless of whether it’s your race, gender, or some other identifier, it can be used to market your business on Google to reach a larger audience. In the case of Latino business owners, this identification can help customers who don’t speak English or are looking for specific items such as food, spices, cultural goods, and more.

The new partnership with Google will help the more than 4.7 million Latin American companies identify their origins in searches, maps and shopping. In the coming weeks, Google says these companies can be easily identified as Latino owners on the platform. This follows the black, veteran and female owned business attributes that Google recently introduced.

With these attributes, it is another way to support the various companies in your community that are represented on Google’s products and platforms.

Latino support from Google

Adding the Latino-owned attribute that Google announced is part of their overall support for this community. That includes the recent $ 15 million expansion that is focused on Latino entrepreneurs in the United States. This funding is specifically designed to give students, job seekers and entrepreneurs equal access to funding, training and support.

Additional support includes providing tools and training to the 4.7 million Latino-owned small businesses and a growing network of 260 local chambers and business associations across the country. The technical support along with the online resource hubs in English and Spanish is responsible for graduating more than 200 Latin-owned small businesses through Google’s Accelerator program.

This is part of the Grow with Google curriculum that has received additional funding to support 40 chambers in the United States. Google also announced that it is investing $ 5 million in Latin American companies and community organizations to further support this community.

Latino business owners represent the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, growing 34% over the past 10 years. Providing resources and support to this group will ensure these owners grow and their community by hiring local people Be able to strengthen the workforce.

Image: Google

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