Las Vegas Tech Mogul Prophecy Onasis Shares Its Top Marketing Guide Has Built A Big Seven Image Business

The leading entrepreneur and proud CTO of Vuuzle Media Corporation, Prophecy Onasis offers a few technologies that he believes can do a good job for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Prophecy Onasis has an important name, a man who predicts the future but still lives up to that name by leading a respected and entertaining company Vuuzle Media Corporation. As a technology leader, he shared his thoughts on some basic marketing technologies that the next generation should focus on to move their businesses forward in this digital age.

Video Marketing

“The issue is king, everyone knows this,” Prophecy said. In fact, as social media expands social media continues to be more highly regarded and prioritized it is clear that it will remain an important part of marketing for any business. Prophecy says that these entrepreneurs today, they must be educated as well as a well -known arena in which he is known, programmed advertising, if they want to achieve their desired success.

Personal Experience

User experience (UX) is an important component and heart of marketing content. UX is an process for improving customer satisfaction by increasing the access, enjoyment, and usability provided between the audience’s interaction and the product. Prophecy Onasis explains “if one knows how and why it is an experience, one can take his / her business to new levels of success. It is something that is so important that it is ignored and irreconcilable. in building all product technologies ”

Public Communication Skills

The world has come under one roof with the help of the internet and the rise of social media. In the midst of so much social eating, especially after an illness, it has become the most important skill that today’s entrepreneurs should use, suggests Prophecy Onasis. Not only is the use of these conditions, but success is also funded as an art. Prophecy Beliefs as these platforms change daily must first sit in front of the curve.

“Having the meaning that I know everything or work with the intention of doing everything on my own, becomes a hindrance to a career professional”

Prophecy says that it is important to combine work with outside work. Finding the right talent and distributing the right jobs can also help the next generation of entrepreneurs to progress faster and become more knowledgeable.

Prophecy Onasis is a leader in high-end technology platforms such as the Vuuzle TV CDN platform, VUMU Music platform, and Clout9’s 3-dimensional content delivery platform. He believed that technical skills are very important for any business, as it helps to attract people and their business to greater success.

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