LA looks at sweeping anti-drug prevention businesses

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A petition to force one of the anti-vaccine authorities in Los Angeles was due to be voted on Wednesday but was delayed a week following a dispute between city councilors who normally support the idea but admitted the written plan was flawed and there are questions about coercion.

The agreement would require that employees in most home-based businesses be vaccinated before entering. That would greatly increase Los Angeles County’s public health regulations that are set to take effect next month, likely to create a disruptive way in which different rules could apply in surrounding areas.

Business groups complained about the possibility of paying fines, conflicting laws and the dangers of securing employees who were assigned to ask their superiors about their place of protection.

The deal is being advanced at a time when the virus is on the rise in the province and political demands are being met – two council members are running for mayor, as the city attorney wrote the petition. The council will review it next week, when it can be appointed.

Under the law, people eligible for inoculation would be required to be vaccinated at public places including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms, stadiums, museums, spas, hunger salons, downtown homes and other places. Currently eligible includes people ages 12 and up. Negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of entering those areas will be required for people with religious or drug-resistant immunization.

“This is unpredictable, the risks are very high,” Council President Nury Martinez told reporters ahead of a court hearing.

In an interview with Councilor Joe Buscaino, who is running for mayor, city officials said they were still investigating which agency would strengthen the deal. He could be a competitor, which the Department of Construction and Maintenance, has no staff to do it, analysts said.

Buscaino said at one point: “The rules that are not forced are laughter.”

But many members said they supported the request, even if they wanted to speed up the process.

“We can’t let the perfect get in the way of the good,” said councilor Kevin de Leon, another candidate for mayor. “We can save people.”

A growing number of places in the United States, including San Francisco and New York City, are demanding that people show evidence of infection to various types of businesses and locations.

By the end of the summer, New York City began needing evidence of food injections inside restaurants and bars, or accessing other public places, including museums, theaters, leisure centers, indoor theaters and concert halls.

New York City laws do not include stores and other retail businesses. Compliance has been mixed and mimic with purpose, with the city demanding early warnings for violators and fines for repeat offenders.

The previously announced Los Angeles County public health order covers the city and many other areas. It requires evidence of COVID-19 injection for consumers and staff of home bars, wine vendors, beers, lounges and nightclubs.

Los Angeles County is a country with a large population of about 10 million inhabitants. It was the epicenter of the virus earlier in the year and saw an increase in summer due to delta diversity. But last month LA County’s positivity rate dropped to 1.4% from a high of around 6.5% while the number of hospitals dropped by half to about nine hundred.


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