Kyrsten Sinema was reprimanded by officials in the bathroom at ASU

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was followed to the toilet by a group of immigrants who met him in his class while teaching at Arizona State University.

The video shows the small group follows the senator through ASU in the hallway and they continue to insult him as he enters the bathroom stall.

The delegates pointed to Cinema for his role on President Joe Biden’s $ 3.5 million building for the American Americans building block, which would provide a way for illegal immigrants to enter the country.

The Arizona Democrat tells politicians he should go, but they refuse, following him into the women’s room.

“We knocked on your doors to select you. “No matter how we elected you, we can remove you from office if you do not support what you promised us,” said one of Sinema’s representatives in a video posted by the phone that appeared 2 million times on Twitter.

One of the delegates, who identified himself as Blanca, told the senator that he had been brought to the US at the age of three. He said grandparents were fired in 2010 for violating Arizona’s SB1070, one of the strongest anti-immigration laws.

“My grandfather passed away two weeks ago and I was unable to go to Mexico because there is no way to become a citizen,” he said.

Protestants called Sen. Kyrsten Movie about migration change.
Drew Angerer / Getty Pictures

“I’m here because I believe we need this way to become a citizen,” he continued. “There are millions of undocumented people who tell the same story or more.”

The cinema did not respond to politicians choosing to sit quietly in a closed cage.

On Saturday, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema criticized the leadership of the Democratic Party saying the House “has no reason” to fail to vote on a $ 2 billion public bill on Friday.

Cinema joined several leaders who criticized the Democratic leadership’s move to pull the bill down on Friday in order to have more time to negotiate Mr. Biden’s $ 300,000.

A few days earlier, a group of kayak lawmakers met with other moderate Democrat Joe Manchin on his ship in Washington DC, who also challenged the general rule of the building program, disrupting Democrats’ plans.


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