Kristi Noem severed ties with counselor Corey Lewandowski after giving a story about wanting to have unwanted sex

A Republican politician, Nebraska gubernatorial representative Charles Herbster, also severed ties with Lewandowski China this morning.

“I have known Corey Lewandowski since 2015 when I was the first and most loyal supporter of Donald J. Trump’s President,” Herbster, a wealthy agriculturalist, said in a tweet. “Corey has recently been one of my main campaign advisers when I ran for governor of Nebraska. I have asked Corey to step back from this job. Corey and his family will stay in my prayers. ”

The move comes after Lewandowski was fired from his post by former president Donald Trump, PAC chief on Wednesday night. POLITICO announced earlier Wednesday that Republican donor Trashelle Odom, named Lewandowski, had been arrested several times, including on the leg and in the leg, made inappropriate remarks and followed her during a charity event in Las Vegas.

“He treated me badly, said bad things and said things that were disgusting to me, hid me, and made me feel broken and scared,” Odom said in a statement Wednesday.

Lewandowski’s advisory has been widely sought-after by Republican lawmakers, who saw him as a way to Trump and a way to appeal to former presidential aides. Many competitors – including Herbster – openly promoted Lewandowski’s role in their campaign.

Herbster, Trump’s main supporter, was one of the attendees of a Las Vegas dinner where Lewandowski was accused of engaging in unwanted behavior.

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